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In addition to the fact that I spent three to four nights a week at the baseball fields as well as three to hour hours each Saturday, I had a great time spending time with my kids. As I get ready to take on coaching both teams again this fall, I have been readying several resources that I have collected or developed over the past few years.

Baseball Lineup: Is there a method to the batting order madness?

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11 Hacks for Onfield Umpires

I'm sorry, I don't know your first name. You've posed an interesting question that I believe that I can certainly respond to.

I've always been interested in lineup cards both umpire and dugout cards as they are not only EXTREMELY limited, but definitely a genuine piece of a specific game in sports history. Collecting lineup cards, and to a lesser extent tickets, is an exercise in patience, networking and persistence.

I have searched eBay auctions, baseball card shows now mostly The National Sports Card Convention , online auctions and catalogue auctions. As you mentioned, finding large groups of lineup cards frequently occurs when an umpire surrenders a pile of them all at once and then they finally enter the hobby.

In the past, I've stood and poured through huge stacks of lineup cards looking to pull out a significant date that I have earmarked as something to actively look for My particular interest in lineup cards is mostly tied to specific interesting milestones related to Nolan Ryan's career.

I own perhaps of these in my advanced Nolan Ryan collection. Perhaps the most interesting of the group are: 1.

Baseball Lineup Cards

My wife and I actually attended a Detroit Tigers baseball game at old Tiger Stadium on our very 1st date. Both of us are huge Tigers fans and on this particular day, they trounced the visiting NY Yankees. It provided a great memory and backdrop to our marriage of over 25 years.

Adding a Preset Lineup

Ironically, during a random eBay search I found this dugout card to our 1st date game literally 2 months before we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. The seller, who was in the Boston area, had a large group of home dugout cards spanning several years at DET.

He had perhaps 75 of these cards listed on eBay, many of which were from games surrounding our game. These obviously originated from a DET clubhouse employee unknown as they were all games played at home.

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I sent an e-mail to the seller asking if they also had the date I was looking for? I even told the seller what the significance was of the date.

If you want to elevate your plate work to that of an MLB umpire, below are a few tips. Photo Credit: Bill Nichols With a new baseball season rolling along, here are a few tips and hacks involving plate work that can help you out as an onfield umpire.

Check it out Good luck in your "needle in a haystack" search. The one's that you end up finding are always the most special. Unfortunately they do not appear all that often except as outlined by Scott previously.

I have made 2 or 3 large purchases which really jump started my collection.

Custom Lineup Cards

Because they are pretty limited, I think that they tend to stay in collections. I like your idea of being proactive and contacting the Red Sox and Ken Kaiser. Who knows where your search will lead you. I checked my collection and do not have the card for that date.

Glover's Baseball/Softball Line

Keep watching eBay and you might get a feel for the sellers who have line-up cards available. Good luck with your search and keep us posted. Jeff aphanna25 , PM Tremendous story Scott, thanks for sharing.

Given how each card is unique I can see the appeal in collecting them, especially since they are hard to come by and can have historical significance, like your Ryan ones.

Some good advice in this thread, so I'll start with the Sox and Kaiser and see where it gets me. Fingers crossed. Thanks, everyone.

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