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Thursday, February 6, 2020 1:28:11 PM

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Simply spending time outdoors can be dangerous during a storm, especially if there is no place to take shelter. Tom Dean, an artist in Cascade, knows this all too well - he was struck by lightning and lived to tell the tale.

Next week, it will be 21 years since Dean was struck by lightning while fly fishing near Cascade. Dean noticed the storm coming over the mountains, but didn't think he was in any danger.

Kpax obituaries Lockwood, age 24, of Whitefish, Montana passed away on Sunday, November 10, at his home. Scripps Company on Wednesday completed the acquisition of 15 television stations in 10 markets, including Montana, owned by Cordillera Communications.

He continued casting his fly rod, and remembers the sound of the bolt and a distinct smell. When the lightning threw him to the island, it knocked off his shoe and left a black mark on his toe, where he assumes the lightning exited his body.

He was on the island for over an hour and much of that hour isn't clear, but one memory is very vivid: "Holding onto my fly rod and my forearm was just bubbling, my muscles were contracting and it was the most severe pain I've ever, ever felt.

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Three years ago, Dean had another close encounter with lightning, when he was driving through a storm with his family. He still loves fishing, and even goes back to the exact spot where he nearly lost his life.

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