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Does Netflix Have Sports? The program only offers discs containing movies, TV programs, documentaries and music concerts. Netflix doesn't offer a DVD sports category or separate sports Website.

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So here are the 10 best anime featuring the baseball diamond. Cross Game Legendary managaka Mitsuru Adachi has been drawing baseball manga for decades.

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This is a very human story about growing up and relationships as much as baseball. Eijun swears to become the ace pitcher of one of the most prestigious baseball schools in the country. But he has plenty of competition on his own team, to say nothing of his actual opponents.

Big Windup Image Credit: My Anime List Ren Mihashi is ready to quit baseball after a middle school experience that basically ruined his self-confidence and will to pitch.

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He now has to deal with Takaya Abe, a domineering catcher who wants to help him succeed, but is difficult to work with for his own reasons. A girl leading a baseball team would probably seems strange — except that all the players are girls!

Despite a promising start as a pitcher, he joins a high school with no baseball team, just a fledgling club of baseball enthusiasts.

And now he faces his lifetime friend, now a monstrous power hitter on another team. In the midst of their rivalry is a love triangle — the girl they both grew up with is now the girl they both like.

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Taishou Yakyuu Musume Image Credit: My Anime List Another anime about girls starting a baseball team, but this one is set in , when baseball was still relatively new to the country.

In response to a baseball player telling Akiko Ogasawara that women should basically stay in the kitchen and be housewives, she decides to start a baseball team to prove him wrong.

One morning, after getting ready for school, eating my cereal and flipping through our three available channels for something to watch, I landed on something called Star Blazers. I had never seen an animated story where people fought wars and died, where they fell in and out of!

Does anybody even know how to play the game yet? As the pitcher, he has earned wins, due largely to his ability to out-think his opponents.

Toua is scouted by a professional team, and appeals to his gambling nature with an unusual contract. For every out he earns, he gets five million yen.

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But for every run he gives up, he loses fifty million yen. Major Image Credit: My Anime List Major is one of the longest-running and most respected baseball anime of all time, and is the only anime on the list that heavily includes Major League Baseball in America hence the name.

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It is about a father-and son duo. The father is a rising star in MLB, the son plays in Little League, and together, they deal with triumphs and heartbreak both on and off the diamond.

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But in this case, the two in question are twin brothers. Soccer is also involved, but regardless, this is about robots playing sports.

You know, because robots. Related posts:.

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