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In those very formative years, not having a spirit-filled pastor to follow nor a caring church where he could be taught the Word of God, while in his early twenties, he found himself having to rededicate his life as a young adult and search more earnestly for a spirit-filled church that preached a solid faith message.

  • Altar and Communion Workers assist in ministering to those persons who come forward for prayer and help in preparing communion. Baptism Ministry prepares candidates for water baptism and teaches the steps for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
  • School History Living Word Christian School opened its doors 36 years ago in with 3 teachers and 21 students. Pastor Gary Ward from Living Word Church was approached by a woman in the congregation who was interested in there being a Christian school in Manhattan.
  • Living Word Christian is looking to continue building their program. After winning two games in , the Eagles made a playoff appearance this year under head coach Andy Hare.
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Ultimately, in and influenced heavily by the T. Ministry of Apostle Fredrick K. His calling and his dedication obvious to his new A.

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After three years of faithful service and recognizing the strong call on his life, his A. At the same time, he was awarded his ministerial license and certificate of ordination by Faith Christian Fellowship International and LWCC became a member in good standing of that fellowship body.

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Barclay Ministry. LWCC held their first official church service, as a recognized church group, in September of and operated as a church in that rented facility for the next 12 years, with Pastor Ray as their leader.


In , after several years of fundraising, Pastor and his small congregation stepped out in faith and bought a 4. Pastor Ray conducted the first service in that new church building in May, Now in his 30th year of fulltime ministry and with a congregation of more than 1, that call him their pastor, he continues to preach the uncompromising word of God in a personal and easily understood manner.

The messages he preaches are alive, powerful and anointed in meeting the spiritual needs of his people. Each week he challenges his flock to walk in integrity and have a stronger, more committed, personal relationship with Jesus Christ — thereby, forever changing a life literally transformed by the power of God.

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