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Nathaniel is a performing artist and teacher based in New York City. As an actor, dancer, and singer, he believes that study of the physical instrument is vital to fostering ease and grace in art-making. Nathaniel has undergone three major transformations: In high school near Denver, Colorado, he dropped from pounds to pounds over 18 months with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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Sep 7, Nathaniel Finestone When Nathaniel Finestone turned 60, he began to sense his mortality: As a teen in Canada, he nearly froze to death on his paper route, and the resulting kidney inflammation led doctors to believe he would live a short life.

Finestone wanted to prove them wrong, and was determined to make some healthy changes to ensure it.

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Related Story Year-Old Runs Minute 5K, Breaks World Record He decided to give running a shot: He started first with walking—eventually picking up the gears to a run—and meticulously recorded each workout in a log. The new fitness regimen helped, and 30 years later, he is still pounding the pavement.

Now, at 90, he keeps up with the best of them.

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He is competitive in U. Track and Field Events, and continues to race for points and set records in his 90—94 age group.

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A few weeks later, on August 26, he ran at the Masters 1-Mile Championships in Flint, Michigan, in the 90—94 age division. This year alone, the Mountainside, New Jersey, resident boasts a race calendar that would put many a recreational runner to shame: He has completed nine 5Ks, four 10Ks, one mile race, one 5-mile race, and the Michigan Mile.

And Finestone plans to keep the competition coming. With his 90th birthday in the books and his 50th anniversary coming later this year, Finestone took some time to reflect on all the factors—aside from good genes, of which he admits he has a bunch—that allow him to keep racing.

Here, Finestone spills his secrets to running success.

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Incorporate his five main ones into your own routine so you too can run strong for life. Hone Your Discipline When your alarm blares for your early-morning run , be honest—how likely are you to hit snooze and back out of your workout?

Finestone knows the temptation, but keeps his predawn run an unshakeable part of his routine.

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He gets up at 5 a. For lunch, he sticks to fruit and nuts, and for dinner, he incorporates protein of some sort. As he typically get up up before 5 a.

On race days, he eats a couple of hours before the run.

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Find Peace of Mind Find something that brings you peace of mind and helps hold you to your routine. He decided to keep going, and now at age 90, the same inner drive has yet to cease. Stay Competitive Finestone said he is constantly looking over his shoulder to see how others in his age group or of similar ability are doing—and makes sure he trounces them.

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He likes to beat them by as many points as he can. Longer distances give him more of an opportunity to do better than the competition. Watch: Meet the year-old who ran a marathon. Listen to Your Body Pushing past your physical limits can spell disaster, leaving you injured and off the track in more ways than one.

But getting consumed by that would only distract from his ultimate goal—being able to run well and run long for as many years as he can. Those goals will carry him on for more runs this year. Currently, he has two 12K races coming up.

And, he plans to focus on his family as well. He credits much of his success to his biggest supporter, his wife. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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