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Original: Nov 23, One of the greatest baseball players in history, Willie Mays thrilled fans over a year big league career with his powerful bat and astonishing defensive skills. Who Is Willie Mays? Celebrated for his superb all-around play, he was twice named MVP and finished among the all-time leaders in home runs and hits.

He was picked up after the September 1st deadline, making him ineligible for the World Series. When Mays made "The Catch," Garagiola could be seen looking out the clubhouse window.


When I was doing research for the book I wrote about the team, I contacted Garagiola, and he said he probably couldn't help me much. He said, "I was blocked by the batter's eye.

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I heard nothing for a few seconds, then I heard a huge roar and saw the ball go back into the infield. Oh, well I couldn't- or wouldn't- use anything of what he told me, because of something I heard about him and Stan Musial.

When the Cardinals were in the World Series several years ago, someone in the Cardinals' front office came up with the idea of having Musial throw the first pitch to Garagiola.

It seems the two of them had been partners in a bowling alley venture that went bad, and Joe sued Stan.

Mike McCormick (pitcher)

Musial said, "I'll be staying home instead. I figured if Joe could sue one of the most beloved players in history, what chance would I have?

The interview wound up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

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