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Operations and funding

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The remainder of SBS revenue is derived from independent sources. These include advertising and sponsorship , production services and sale of programs and merchandise. One source of complementary revenue for SBS is derived from the broadcast of commercials. This practice began in following amendments to the Special Broadcasting Services Act.

Unlike commercial television which, according to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice , is allowed to broadcast approximately 15 minutes of advertising per hour, advertisements on SBS are limited to a maximum of five minutes per hour. Until recently, SBS broadcast commercials and program promotions in a single block between programs.

From June , this policy changed to allow the inclusion of commercials and promotions within programs.

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SBS argued it adopted this change to address the loss revenue that resulted from extended breaks between programs. All revenue from SBS derived from independent sources is used for the purchase, commission or production of programs.

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Table 1 and Table 2 present Consolidated revenues. Prior to , transmission services to the public broadcasters were provided by Telecom and the then Department of Transport and Communications.

From to these services were provided by the National Transmission Agency.

The other apps are either 10 or 15 videos to earn 2 SBs.

The National Transmission agency was privatised in April Capital use charge A capital use charge was part of changes introduced with the Accrual Budgeting framework in It was levied on Commonwealth authorities and agencies to reflect the cost of government investment in those entities.

Funding for the capital use charge was included in the annual appropriations for SBS from to and is included in the operating revenues columns in Table 1 and Table 2.

The capital use charge has since been abolished. Funds not immediately required for this purpose were invested in accordance with the investing requirements of the Special Broadcasting Service Act and the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act The amount received, including interest accrued, is only recognised in Annual Reports as revenue when the related expenditure is incurred.

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