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Plot[ edit ] Sing is a master of Shaolin kung fuwhose goal in life is to promote the spiritual and practical benefits of the art to modern society. He experiments with various methods, but none bear positive results. He then meets Golden Foot Fung, a legendary Hong Kong soccer star in his day, who is now walking with a limp, following the betrayal of a former teammate Hung, now a rich businessman. Sing explains his desires to Fung who offers his services to coach Sing in soccer. Sing is compelled by the idea of promoting kung fu through soccer and agrees to enlist his former Shaolin brothers to form a team under Fung's management.

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Create New Advertisement: As you would expect from the title and director. This movie plays out like a comedy- Wuxia sports movie. Sing is a young Shaolin master who wants to spread the benefits of kung fu to the modern world — with little success even on a song-and-dance routine.

  • Writer and Director, Stephen Chow, brings a uniquely Chinese blend of genres together into an endlessly entertaining mixture. Each actor delivers a great comic performance; be it the endlessly naive enthusiasm of Mighty Steel Leg played by Chow ; the sullen crankiness of Iron Head as yet another bottle smashes over him; or the babbling of hyper-stressed office worker, Iron Shirt.
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Then he meets a disgraced and crippled former soccer star, "Golden Leg" Fung, who is now working as an errand boy for Hung, his ex-teammate responsible for the Game-Breaking Injury that cut short his promising career. Initially unimpressed by Sing, Fung soon discovers Sing's unique trait: a kick strong enough to bring down a brick wall and send a beer can flying miles into the air.

Both men reach a consensus to form a football team specializing in shaolin, each with a mutual purpose: Fung seeks revenge upon Hung, while Sing uses the sport as a vessel for his discipline.

To this end the latter sets about finding his five brothers, all possessors of unique physical strengths, but have since given up on shaolin and are in similarly disgraced predicaments as Fung. After initially rejecting Sing's pleas, the brothers get together to form Team Shaolin.

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When it's revealed that Sing and the rest of the team barely knows anything about soccer, Fung just about gives up with them. However, during their first match against Team Rebellion , they develop powers stemming from their Shaolin training, turning the match in their favour.

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They also proceed to wow the members of Team Rebellion, a gang of bullies led by a member of the mob, with their skills, recruiting them to their cause, along with other teams along the way.

Advertisement: Fung enters the team in the China Super Cup in Hong Kong, where they run into Team Evil, a steroid-fueled team headed by none other than Hung, who is also using his position as chairman of the National Soccer League to rig the tournament in his favor.

Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow directed the movie and played the main character. Funny, over the top, slapstick, and filled with amazing CGI effects, it was the first Stephen Chow film that gained the attention of mainstream Western audiences.

Advertisement: This film provides examples of: Acrofatic : Little Brother, the fat one, can basically fly. Advantage Ball : Team Shaolin's first match against a gang of hoodlums is a fiasco at first because of their poor teamwork, until their kung fu powers reawaken and they mop the field.

Badass Longcoat : Played straight and spoofed. Empty Hand wears the more traditional coat, while Iron Head wears a grubby bathrobe. Both catch Dramatic Wind when they takes their places on the team.

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Battle Aura : Explosions of fire as each of the six brothers remember who they are. Also displayed in the final match by both the Shaolin and Evil Team.

Beautiful All Along : Double Subverted. Mui, originally a rather ugly girl with terrible acne, gets a makeover in hopes of attracting Sing.

Shaolin Soccer ()

She ends up with streetwalker-thick makeup, hair straight out of The '80s and shoulder pads. Eventually she goes through a second transformation where she gives up the makeup, shaves her head bald Berserk Button : Do not touch Little Brother's eggs, or bring attention to Hooking Leg's receding hairline, or mention Fung's leg injury.

Black and White Morality : Team Shaolin is good. Team Evil is bad. Black Comedy : When Empty Hand is finally put on a stretcher, the other guys give a speech and send him off like it was Bruce Lee 's funeral. It's not too soon , is it? Blatant Lies : Team Rebellion's captain has wrenches and tools falling out of his soccer shorts before the game begins.

Because he's an on-call mechanic.

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Bring It : Empty Hand, who can even do this with a look. The actor playing him is a close friend of Stephen Chow, who tries to cast him in all of his movies for this exact reason.

He's actually a choreographer who came up with the dance sequence. Bruce himself was a champion Cha-cha dancer. Chekhov's Skill : Played for Laughs after Fung starts training the team in feints, which becomes their primary strategy against the hoodlum team, to hilariously minimal effect.

Zigzagged with Sing's training, which grants him Improbable Aiming Skills with a soccer ball - he nails a goal post the first time, but during the first league match, scoring goals from the middle of the field marks the start of the Curb-Stomp Battle.

Cherry Tapping : In the first league match, the first time the opponents' goalie even gets near the ball, it knocks all the wind out of him, preventing him from stopping Sing from just tapping it over the goal line. Clothing Damage : Happens several times, either to show that serious injury is occurring or for comedic effect.

Iron Shirt tends to shred his jersey when he employs his abilities. Cool Shades : Played for Laughs.

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Apparently the five brothers thought getting back in the game must involve this trope. Played straight when Empty Hand is taken off the field on a stretcher and puts them on, the others salute him.

It's actually a pretty cool moment. Corrupt Corporate Executive : Hung, president of the National Soccer League and manager of Team Evil, who ensures that all are drugged to maximum performance.

Curb-Stomp Battle : Team Shaolin's first league match, leading up to more and more of the opponents being flung past their own goal! The resulting score is Dance Battler : Hooking Leg style is a combination of Capoeira and breakdancing. Double subverted: Most of them abandon Team Shaolin after the brutal beatdown by Team Evil, but two of them willingly stay with the team even in the face of certain defeat.

Dragons Up the Yin Yang : Mui traces a taijitsu while making buns. In Journey to the West , for example, the heroes take a leak in the Taoist holy water fonts.

She also speaks Mandarin , unlike the other characters, who speak Cantonese. The whole thing is to pay tribute to all of China's religious and martial-arts traditions. As well as Little Brother's scarf which is only there for this reason really , Iron Vest's tie and Hooking Leg's combover.

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting : Sing constantly points out a few people that would have less trouble with their lives if they just knew shaolin kung fu. After defeating Team Evil, Sing and Mui were last seen walking amongst a crowd now using kung fu to solve mundane problems.

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