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Strength without the bulk. Be light on your feet. Endurance is essential. Get to know the titanium wrist watch. What is titanium?

Activities Activities The Suunto 9 Baro Titanium multisport GPS watch enables you to track over 80 different sports, which is more than enough for every recreational athlete and most professional ones as well. Additionally, the watch offers an in-depth summary of your activities with the help of graphs and it also showcases your long-term training results.

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The Suunto 9 Baro offers some specific activity modes such as intervals but also features the ones used most often, with lots of different sports subcategories. Other than swimming, other major sports modes include cycling, running, and multisport, with lots of variables, metrics, and graphs available to you.

Polished in appearance, lightweight in feel, non-magnetic and with scratch and weatherproof capabilities, the titanium watch suits the businessman and outdoor adventurer alike. With some brands boasting design upgrades such as dual mineralized windows to protect the watch face, indoor and outdoor light-charging as well as battery power sourcing, easy to read illumination, hypoallergenic and diver-friendly components, and military time telling, the titanium is truly one to make the Jason Bournes of the world proud.

One of the most useful activity features is the Lap comparisons, which gives you useful info on your average and maximum lap pace in real-time, which helped a lot of athletes in assessing their efficiency during the training.

The default daily step goal is set to 10 , but you can customize it to your specific needs, and you can choose whether sleep tracking and training targets functions are turned on. The most useful is the Weather function, which offers information on incoming storms, sea level pressure and temperature, as well as sunset and sunrise times — all of which are supremely useful for athletes that spend a lot of their time outdoors.

Other than this, there is the mandatory step and calorie counter , as well as time, date, alarm clock there is 1 configurable alarm available , stopwatch and countdown timers, phone notifications and vibration alerts.

The disappointing aspect of the Baro Titanium is that it lacks the ability to automatically change to the corresponding time zone, which is something that even low-level, entry watches are capable of doing without a problem.

However, on this Suunto watch, you have to do that manually.

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Depending on how often you travel, this could only be an afterthought or a serious annoyance. The FusedTrack technology lowers the GPS logging interval while preventing the data from becoming inaccurate by using other technologies available on the watch, that are all consuming less energy that constant GPS.

The Suunto 9 Baro Titanium applies a similar logic to altitude measurements and combines the GPS altitude with the one shown by the barometer in order to provide a high level of accuracy. This is a great advantage for the future, given that this sensor requires a lot of firmware updates and software technology in order to implement different kinds of metrics.

  • This means titanium watches are a fraction of the weight of a comparable stainless steel watch while remaining as strong, if not stronger. Titanium is also anti-magnetic and exceptionally heat-resistant.
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  • In its original guise, the Octa Sport was built primarily out of aluminum—not only in its case and bracelet, but the material was also heavily used for components of the moment itself where possible. This updated variant launched in late now uses titanium for its case and bracelet, adding to its overall durability without packing on additional mass.

Unlike previous versions, the HR sensor will continue with the reading until it gets your heart rate, rather than just give up on acquiring data and ending up with time holes in the final chart. If you opt to track your heart rate via an optical HR belt, this will lower the battery consumption even further, because it gives you the opportunity to disable the wrist HR measurement.

It will provide basic information on your sleep, but nothing in-depth and without tracking your sleep phases. Accuracy Accuracy In the accuracy department, the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium performed really well in almost all aspects.

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The GPS tracking , while not perfect, provided good enough results that erred up to 3 meters, meaning that this sports watch is in line with other comparable GPS watches on the market. The altimeter is where the Suunto 9 Baro really shines. The weakest spot of the Baro Titanium is its optical heart rate sensor , which garnered some really mixed reviews.

Various people claimed that the HR sensor provided very inaccurate results and that it sometimes worked properly, while failing completely at other times, and that the device failed to recognize come sports such as rowing, but performed okay on a run.

This might be due to the fact that the 1. Connectivity Connectivity The Suunto 9 Baro offers full Android and iOS smartphone connectivity you can check if the device is compatible with your smartphone on the Suunto official site , and one customer has commented about how quickly the device acquired satellites.

This watch needs very little time to connect to your phone via Bluetooth Smart. There are still some discrepancies between the new Suunto app and the older, Movescount one.

The Suunto app gives you the option of tracking all your data in one place, but lacks the functionality to share your workouts to Strava — for the time being, the only way to do that is via the Movescount platform. Style Style The Suunto Baro Titanium is a simple, elegant and sturdy watch that looks powerful, not only because of the use of Titanium on its face but because its round and sturdy design also contributes to the general vibe.

This is something to be expected, after all, given the Titanium bezel and Sapphire crystal glass, but it still managed to amaze some customers. Face Face The bezel of the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium is made out of Grade 5 Titanium, the glass utilizes Sapphire crystal, while the case is built of Glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

The readability of the display is satisfactory as well, with the letters that are big enough to read without too much effort. Band Band The Suunto 9 Baro Titanium silicone band is made for wrists ranging from mm in size, meaning that most people will find the strap that comes with the watch suitable.

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Size Size The watch measures The Titanium bezel makes the model slightly bigger, but also lighter. Some people have commented that the watch is too big to wear to sleep, which is probably true for most people. You can create new sport profiles, alongside those that are automatically configurated.

A click or two less would be desirable, but overall this is a fitness watch that is fairly easy to use. Power Source Power Source This watch features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and offers revolutionary and amazingly helpful Intelligent Battery Modes.

The last mode has three sub-modes, so to speak, the hour Performance mode, the hour Endurance mode, and a whopping hours Ultra mode! These modes are called intelligent because the watch has the ability to learn your training times and habits, so it can effectively teach itself your training dynamics and notify you to recharge the battery ahead of your workout.

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Not only that, but it will propose a change of battery mode in order to save the battery. Additionally, you can opt to turn off the wrist optical HR sensor and go with the HR belt, which will surely increase your battery life even more.

Price Price The Suunto 9 Baro Titanium is just a variation of other watches in the Suunto Baro 9 series, and due to the choice of materials, it will run you slightly more than other watches in that line.

Accessories Accessories There are a number of both Suunto and third-party accessories available for purchase for the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium. You can buy the Suunto bike sensor and bike mount, as well as the Suunto Smart Sensor from the brand, and you can hop on Amazon and pick whichever strap you want and customize the look of the watch.

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