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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 1:26:57 PM

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Two thumbs pointing at this guy!

Tulsa High School Football News and Headlines

Only three preseason No. Think about that: through nine weeks, six of the nine No. But what if we could choose the title game for each class?

What would be the best matchup? Well, thanks me for asking! BA is giving up fewer than 10 points per game and no team has lost by fewer than 15 points. Union, though, has really turned around after its start.

The U of high school has scored at least 44 points in each of its last four games and only given up 29 points. I hope this game happens.

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It cannot be repeated enough. Even since the class split into two divisions east teams are Bixby has three of those and made the title game last year.

The Spartans will absolutely be back for a fifth straight time. Stillwater is the best chance the west has had in a long, long time.

The Pioneers have all stars all over the field, and arguably have the best win in the class in Lawton two weeks ago without Qwontrel Walker.

The Tigers have a real chance in any game against any opponent at any time. Collinsville with its No.

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Carl Albert is really good. But Tuttle-Wagoner is a heavyweight title fight. Tuttle or Wagoner versus any of the other teams is like Ali-Norton.

The Wagoner Bulldogs

Tuttle and Wagoner playing each other is Ali-Frazier. Wagoner desperately wants to get back to the top of the mountain after being knocked off last year. The best thing about 4A is we may not even get this matchup and it is replaced by another awesome one.

This one, though, is the best.

Abando returns for UST, eager to move on from controversy

Their three best wins are all by eight or fewer points and they lost to 2A No. Heritage Hall is vulnerable and there are points to be had against it. Enter Sulphur, a team that has put up more than 40 six times this year and has the third best offense in the class.

In a recent session, some students napped, while others watched a documentary about high school football. While they do bring in some work, these mostly automated facilities will never provide the thousands of good-paying blue-collar jobs that come with a new auto plant.

The Falcons have won 38 straight. So, no, but Sperry and its 48 points per game v. Millwood and its 49 points per game would be fun. Hooker has won every game by at least 10 points. Cashion has the toughest remaining regular season game between the two left this week at No.

Cashion has been steady all year. This week may be different. I think the winner of the game this week meets Hooker for the title.

Wagoner Bulldogs

Davenport has had a couple of tough games with Alex and Dewar, but won both. The Bulldogs might be more battle-tested than the Indians, but Shattuck probably has another gear it can kick into.

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  • His last few days had been marred with controversy, as reports of other schools trying to recruit him have surfaced following his benching in the Growling Tigers' win against UP last Wednesday.
  • It takes as its subject high school football and sets up in Wagoner, Okla.
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Snyder has only had one close game also Tipton, keep that in mind this entire season. It was Every other game has been at least a point game. Great job by you guys. Yes, the Tigers have lost twice but those losses were to Class B No.

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Class C has stayed within 30 of Tipton once: Fox in Week 4. Since then, Tipton has given up SIX points. Tipton is Omar Little from The Wire.

Good luck, Class C.

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