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Wallabies rugby news Rugby Australia - Do not miss your chance to shop Jersey, watch the Qantas Wallabies live match and latest news before they head to Japan to take on the world. The Australian Rugby coach takes a high-risk gamble with the World Cup squad. The Wallabies will next take on Uruguay in Oita on October 5 before shifting north again to Shizuoka for the final Pool D clash against Georgia the following weekend. Wallabies head coach Michael Cheika and the Australian Test selectors have confirmed a man squad for Fijivillage. Official Home of the Qantas Wallabies on Twitter.

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I then adjust the local time and date using the very useful local jumping hour function which allows the wearer to set the hour hand in one-hour increments forward and backward.

The United States is still a developing market for rugby as it is widely overshadowed by its transatlantic cousin, American football.

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If the game was unfamiliar to the American audience, having the competition take place inside one of the most scenic baseball stadium must have eased the transition. All Blacks battle France Photo Credit: Rhodri Williams, World Rugby If you are unfamiliar with rugby, there are several variations of the sport, among them the a-side, which is the main version and what people usually refer to when they talk about rugby, and the 7-a-side, also called the sevens.

Considered the little brother to the a-side rugby, the sevens is, in my opinion, the more exciting of the two. Both games are played on the same pitch size but with half the number of players on the field for the sevens, it means there is more open space for them to create a variety of plays and speed away with the ball to score a try.

Matches are also shorter with each half lasting only seven minutes so the pace is much faster; in tournaments like the World Cup or the annual World Rugby Sevens Series, this means that spectators are sometimes able to watch more than 20 matches over the course of one day.

That leaves very little space for boredom. Associating themselves with rugby is not just a marketing ploy by Tudor.

'Rugby's unbelievable I have done things I only thought were possible in movies'

There are many reasons why the partnership with this sport makes sense to me, and why I believe pairing with the sevens is the stronger union. Much like the sevens being the younger brother in rugby, Tudor is the younger sibling to a larger world-renowned brand: Rolex.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex and Tudor, had a vision for Tudor to create a product that his network of retailers could sell at a lower price — driven by more accessibly priced movements — while still retaining the dependability of a Rolex watch.

Highlights: Japan v Ireland

Immediately I could see how the history of Tudor impacted the overall design language of the timepiece. The robust, solid as a rock case that people have come to love about the Black Bay, is flawlessly manufactured, with chamfered lugs and a mix of polished and brushed surfaces.

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The aluminum hour bezel means it will receive its own wear marks over the course of its lifetime, which is exactly what you want on a travel-ready watch just like rugby players receive marks on their body displaying the numerous hits they have taken playing the sport. No compromises are made during the manufacturing process and this pure spirit that the brand injects in its timepieces mirrors the uncompromising values of sportsmanship and noble tradition that make up the sport of rugby.

It is one of the many reasons why the association between Tudor and rugby makes sense. Tudor Black Bay Dark Rugby players display the highest level of courage and audacity in one of the most demanding contact sport that exists.

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Indeed, the New Zealand teams gave me a chance for a perfect ending to my trip in San Francisco as both the All Blacks and the Black Ferns remain undefeated, holding onto their respective championship trophies at the end of the Rugby World Cup Sevens.

All Blacks Sevens with medals Photo Credit: Rhodri Williams, World Rugby The competition was the first world cup event under the new partnership with Tudor and there was no better way for its kick-off than with the sevens.

Rugby arrived in Brazil at the same time as football While football thrived immediately, rugby has taken longer But inclusion of rugby sevens in Olympics has encouraged its growth CNN's Rugby Sevens Worldwide show follows the circuit through nine cities. Click here for times, videos and features.

The fast pace and excitement of the sport was a fantastic first introduction and education to rugby for an audience who has had little exposure to the game. After watching the sevens, some might develop an interest in the sport that might slowly lead to a-side rugby.

Looking at the Tudor Black Bay GMT I had on my wrist, with its robust, well-made Black Bay case, the gorgeous Pepsi dial, knowing it is powered by a COSC-certified in-house movement with a hour power reserve, all these details demonstrate the fact that great design and functions can be accessible to all and send a clear message to the watch industry that better value propositions like Tudor watches need to be offered.

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