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Gear Blackwyrm Coat: Leather Coat Elucidator: A weapon dropped by a boss monster, it is a sword with a blade slightly less than 4 feet long and able to break other swords.

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The sword was later tempered by master blacksmith Lisbeth. Dark Repulser: Crafted out of Crystallite Ingot, a. Throwing Pick: A type of weapon that is small, easily concealed. Feats The only character capable of dual-wielding, gifted to him due to his incredibly sharp reflexes surpassing every other player in SAO.

Survived about a year of SAO solo, forced to kill three people during his time in the game. Killed Nicholas the Renegade by himself.

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Defeated The Gleam Eyes with Asuna's help. Broke Lisbeth's strongest sword with Elucidator. Defeated Kayaba Akihiko.

Willed himself from dying in SAO. Deflected and reacted to a spray of bullets. Cut through a sniper shot from only ten meters away.

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In Alicization Arc, he gains divine weapons that are powered by his will, and his will is very strong. With the Blue Rose Sword, he completely flash-froze 20, players. Defeated Eiji in an augmented-reality fight using his real physical body.

  • One day, he is suddenly pulled into another dimension of reality by a powerful being in order to complete a task.
  • Hades is in Early Access, which means we're actively working on it based on our plans and your feedback.
  • The Three Fates, tondo by Hans Vischer , c.
  • As a precursor to this review, I need to say that I have seen almost none of the Sword Art Online Series minus the most basic of research prior to jumping in so I could make some semblance of the story sensical. So they were trapped in an MMO, where if they died in game, an electronic pulse kills them for real.
  • There are very many different effects of written and spoken language.

Gained the highest rank in Ordinal Scale. Shook the entire Central Cathedral while fighting Fanatio. Faults Little experience with Illusion Magic.

  • Dragon Shot.
  • Large Scale Update for Hollow Realization!
  • During the move, equip and use a Library card.
  • The original work contained a few phrases or lines of Greek text. If the mouse is held still over such phrases, a transliteration in Beta-code pops up.
  • The Darkness Demo [ edit ] The Darkness is a horror themed first-person shooter based on some comic book I've never heard of.
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Can be overconfident, reckless, and sometimes cocky. Prone to acting in rage. Wears impractical battle clothing.


Some of greatest feats credited to those who helped him. Only fights at his best when the game is no longer just a game.

  • Large Scale Update for Hollow Realization!
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Photon Sword cannot cut through all metals. Not the most powerful player in his world. Temporarily lost the will to live after Asuna presumably died saving him from Heathcliff.

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Aside from kendo training, he is an average teen outside of virtual reality and is unathletic due to his gamer lifestyle.

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