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He has a brother called Edward. He is of French-Canadian descent and speaks French as his first language.

That same night Kevin Steen and El Generico brawled with the Briscoe Brothers ending with Mark Briscoe suffering a mild concussion from a steel chair shot. What ended up being Generico's final match in Ring of Honor, Generico came up short against Steen after Steen hit the Package Piledriver on a ladder contraption built throughout the match by both competitors.

The next night, Steen teamed with PAC in an attempt to regain the belts from Dragon and Richards, announcing pre-match that if he lost, he'd leave the company indefinitely. He was unable to win the bout.

'Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story' DVD review

In the tournament finals, they lost to Jack Evans and Roderick Strong, thus ending their second reign. After a long celebration with the roster, Owens turned on Zayn, delivering a powerbomb on the apron and re-igniting their feud. Main roster[ edit ] In mid, Owens was brought up to the main roster, followed by Zayn the following year.

On the May 16, episode of Raw , Owens and Zayn were placed in a tag team match to face Cesaro and The Miz in a winning effort, but Owens would attack Zayn immediately after the match. The two would go on to have a grudge match at the Battleground pay-per-view where Zayn would come out victorious over Owens.

WWE Fight Owens Fight

On the November 28 episode of SmackDown, Owens defeated Orton in a no disqualification match after interference from Zayn, who was originally banned from ringside. After a fast count from Bryan, Owens and Zayn won the match, thus keeping their jobs.

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  • Few storylines play out in the way that we would like and many spiral out of control, losing the semblance of where they began.
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During the Fastlane match, Owens and Zayn's rivalry with Shane McMahon intensified when Shane, who was sitting at ringside, constantly interfered and broke up pinfalls attempted by both Owens and Zayn. At the event, Zayn submitted to Bryan's Yes!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

After they lost, they joined RAW, where they wrestled several tag team matches until Money in the Bank. After the event, it was reported that Zayn had to undergo surgery to fix torn rotator cuffs on his knee and shoulder, thus splitting the team and Owens was also reported to undergo knee surgery as well.

Championships and accomplishments[ edit ].

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