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Palmer was one of the first Spartan-IVs recruited into the project, having spent more than a decade fighting the Covenant during twelve tours of duty as an ODST, making her a natural choice to take command of the Spartans on the Infinity. She is a competent commander and takes pride in the work of her Spartans, but is also snarky to the point of arrogance, and quite distrustful of Dr. She works with Captain Lasky in overseeing Infinity's operations at Requiem, and acts as high-level Mission Control for Crimson and the other Spartan teams, together with a large support staff that includes Spartans Miller and Dalton, as well as the AI Roland. The Big Girl : For the Infinity command staff.

Halo Spartan IV Program / Characters

The Spirit of Fire is still left stranded above the Ark, and the new Halo Anders' is riding on is hijacked by a Guardian. Arc Welding : The story makes use of elements from Halo 3, the Ark being the most notable one.

Ascended Extra : Red Team in the previous game had little characterization other than being the best soldiers aboard the Spirit of Fire. With Sergeant Forge's death, they take center stage as Captain Cutter's main field leaders, with Jerome receiving the most focus. Big Bad : Atriox, the terrifying chieftain of the Banished, is the main antagonist.

If the Emperor had a Text

Bullying a Dragon : In the penultimate mission, Atriox gives Cutter an ultimatum, saying he will let the Spirit of Fire live and all humans leave in safety if they leave the Halo and the Ark to him.

Cutter shoots back that the Ark now belongs to the Spirit of Fire, and that Atriox can piss off. Isabel then reports that Atriox has never been so mad. It's zig-zagged between them.

Atriox didn't take the humans seriously and the entirety of the game is them managing to inflict more damage on his army than the Covenant ever did. The Bus Came Back : After it looked like they would be left in eternal canon limbo after the end of 's Halo Wars Aside from a tease in Halo: Escalation that went nowhere and heavily implied a Bus Crash had happened , the Spirit of Fire's crew are back in the fight.

The Brutes themselves are also this, with their last outing as a major antagonist being all the way back in Halo 3 nearly nine years ago before being Demoted to Extra in Reach and being Put on a Bus for the entirety of the Reclaimer saga.

Halo: Reach (Video Game)

Joining the Brutes in returning after a long absence from the games are the Brutes' signature attack vehicle the Chopper missing since Halo 3 , and the gigantic siege-breaking Scarab walker last seen in Reach.

The game opens with her last transmission, giving her farewell before she self-terminated. Anders uses the same function to dispatch the attacking Banished near the end of the game. Sergeant Forge returns as a multiplayer commander, and has several unique lines referencing the fact that he died in Halo Wars.

Halo / Awesome Music

Continuity Nod : The Brutes and their strength has been something of note since their first appearance all the way back in Halo: First Strike , where one surprised even the Master Chief himself by managing to overwhelm and nearly kill him.

It comes as no surprise that Atriox, who's powerful even for a Brute, was able to deliver a curb-stomp to the ill-prepared Red Team. The scrap on the Ark that the Banished salvage is described by Isabel as coming from a battle near the end of the war where "the Master Chief saved us all", clearly nodding to Halo 3.

Several of the Phoenix Logs are all but outright stated to be from the perspective of Tragic Solitude, aka the Ark's Monitor and main antagonist of Hunters in the Dark, with several of the logs combining to serve as something of a prequel to said novel.

After Jerome and Douglas return to the Spirit of Fire with Isabel, their armor is upgraded to the most modern Mjolnir spec, including jump jets and other advancements though Alice's upgraded armor remains a plot hole, since she was cut off and isolated for most of the campaign.

Cruel Mercy : Atriox lets Red Team live as a way of humiliating him. This turns out to be a serious mistake as they spend the rest of the game hammering his forces, partially driven by revenge. The Dragon : Atriox's main lieutenant and muscle is Decimus, a Brute powerful enough to take on multiple Spartans and armies in gameplay, and even to call down orbital bombardment on his own position fearlessly with the survival aid of an extra strength energy shield.

Dragon Ascendant : Let 'Volir, after Decimus is killed. Doomsday Device : A backup Halo features prominently in the plot.

Halo 5: Guardians (Video Game)

The final mission revolves around holding the line until it can be disarmed. The Dreaded : Atriox, hands down. The Covenant used him and his clan as cannon fodder , and turned him into a legend, a rebel so terrible he was at least as big a threat as the entire human race.

The biggest difference?

The Covenant almost beat humanity. They never came close to beating Atriox. The Sangheili aka Elite mercenaries serving in the Banished are implied to be this relative to the rest of the faction. Enemy Chatter : Like in the original Halo Wars, units have a diverse array of context-sensitive lines.

Establishing Character Moment : Atriox is introduced by having him single-handedly defeat three Spartan-IIs at once establishing his strength , saying that the one he defeated was "just a man", as he suspected, and then letting them flee so his forces can follow them to their base establishing his cunning while taunting them with a "run, little demons" establishing his sadism.

Likewise, the Controller Sentinels in Operation: Spearbreaker are similar to the Enforcers from Halo 2, due to the shields protecting them from the front. Gameplay and Story Segregation : After the Enduring Conviction is destroyed, the Banished are still able to make use of glassing beams in the game's remaining levels.

Genius Bruiser : Atriox is the strongest Brute we've seen since Tartarus possibly even stronger , but is also extremely intelligent to boot.

Halo 3 (Video Game)

This throws everyone for a loop, since most Brutes are usually, well, Brutes. Here We Go Again! The Ark itself and its usage in creating another Halo, presumably another copy of Installation, serves a heavy role similar to that in Halo 3 as both the main battleground between a human and a Covenant-divergent force as well as a potential refuge away from the possible firing of the Halo Array.

In the Awakening the Nightmare expansion, the Flood re-emerge on the Ark. Hell, there's even a mission named "Hold The Line" which involves doing just that. Late to the Tragedy : When the Spirit arrives at the Ark, it discovers that the UNSC garrison there has already been completely wiped out by the Banished, with the only survivor being a traumatized logistics AI.

Let's You and Him Fight : Isabel does this to cripple the Banished by staging an opportunity to hijack their flagship and make it attack the Ark itself, instigating the installation's defenses to retaliate against the Enduring Conviction and take it out. Locked Out of the Loop : The Spirit's crew awaken with zero idea of what's been going on in the last twenty-eight years sans the distress signal Anders picked up, which lets them know that either the war is still going on or the UNSC won.

However, they do quickly find a UNSC logistics AI who fills them in on some of the details, in addition to providing updated specifications for improved equipment developed while they were out. This causes some confusing consternation in The Stinger , when Anders runs into one of the Guardians.

The new Grizzly tank also has some missile pods that can launch a barrage of missiles as a special ability, making it into even more of a Mammoth Tank Expy than it already was.

Marathon Level : Several levels are lengthy ones, but "Under The Dark" takes the cake; on Legendary, it can take over two hours to complete. The UNSC Cyclops makes its return, except this time it's an anti-vehicle unit equipped with a gun, instead of an anti-structure melee unit like in the original.

Halo Forerunners / Characters

Its ability to heal friendly vehicles and structures has been removed. The Banished have the Reaver, an anti-aircraft Chicken Walker. Mundane Utility : The Spirit of Fire's crew intend to use a Halo, one of the most advanced weapons in existence, as a radio relay. My Greatest Failure : Isabel is clearly haunted by her inability to do anything to stop Atriox from massacring her previous crew: she's nearly catatonic when found by Red Team, and panicked for several missions afterward.

She summons these memories for additional, rage-driven strength when she's trying to destroy the Enduring Conviction. The memories of their screams nearly drive her to tears.

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