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Thursday, December 12, 2019 10:57:54 AM

Fighters of all disciplines will enjoy this book. I learnt that to practice this sport involves the most incredible amount of dedication and training.

Yet here we are, and on Saturday night, Liddell will make his return to the cage to face off with his longtime hated rival.

Fight Game Magazine also keeps in touch with the grassroots base of the sport by covering Brazilian jiujitsu and submission grappling events where most fighters are introduced to the sport and many fans also train in. In addition, Fight Game also brings to its readers fight-related movies, car builds, video games, novels, lifestyle, and other events of special interest to the MMA demographic.

He has been part of every major MMA event since then and speaks to the audience from direct experience, not from hearsay like many other voices who have only been involved in the sport for a few years.

GALLERY About Fight Game is a revolutionary combat sports brand focused on bringing fans and fighters closer together through social networking, video gaming, Internet and TV broadcasts, news website, and a hot new clothing line including casual wear and fight gear.

Smith swore the Knicks would've closed things out if he'd played in Game 4. But the Boston Celtics are leaving Madison Square Garden very much alive after scoring an impressive win in Game 5 of their best-of-seven series, and given the horrendous night Smith had, Knicks fans might've preferred he take this one off, too.

Sponsored Fight Game athletes will not only become familiar faces to mainstream media but will also get the support needed to improve their game and rise to the highest levels of their sport, be it mixed martial arts, jiujitsu, judo, wrestling, or kickboxing.

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