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ReddIt Medieval games come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from real-time strategy to open-world RPGs and everything in between. Most gamers have played at least one medieval-themed title in their lives and have perhaps wondered if these games are indeed an accurate portrayal of medieval times.

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For Honor! BY: Robyn Ponticel What are the best medieval games to play today? Medieval Times; affectionately looked upon by gamers as one of the most intriguing eras to base a game around. Guilds, castles, crusades and cathedrals dominate this era known as the Dark Ages. There are plenty of games out there that delve into the captivating Middle Ages, but which ones are the best?

Read on to find out the 20 best medieval games to play today. To survive you must assemble your own band of warriors and enter the chaos, expand your realm, and battle your way to the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia. Become the ruler of a faction and convince lords to become your vassals.

Realistic battle mechanics: Soldiers will break away and run if their morale gets too low. Multiplayer capability up to 64 players. Civil war can work to your advantage as you construct siege machinery, engage in diplomacy, craft and name your own weapons and experience the ebb and flow of a simulated feudal economy.

Grey: No problem. Plus I think there are mods that repair the lance in Single Player.

The name of the game is power, and to get it you can bombard mountain holds with siege engines, establish criminal empires or take the old fashioned route and charge into battle for glory! In depth diplomacy — ability to strike peace deals to win land, engage in a new barter system, and offer marriage or treason pacts Siege gameplay — construct, position and fire heavy machinery in sieges or fortify your castle against a siege Sandbox economy — prices ebb and flow with supply and demand.

Ability to invest in farms and workshops to stimulate the economy. Gloria Victis gives players the opportunity to be part of a living society. Action-based, non-target combat means your skills and tactics actually matter, whether you choose to become a soldier, archer, assassin, huntsman, blacksmith or any number of selections.

Gloria Victis challenges the player to conquer land, siege castles and build fortifications to gain and keep territory control.

Wide variety of character options ranging from knight to merchant to healer and more. Build your own character or choose from premade builds. Choose between four nations, each based on a real medieval power.

Besiege castles to rule your own land, build your own house, and fortify your village with your fellow guild members.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Experience medieval bohemia firsthand A peaceful life is shattered when Henry, the son of a blacksmith, witnesses a mercenary raid on his own village and is helpless as his friends and family are slaughtered.

Non-linear story gives you the ability to solve quests in multiple ways and face the consequences of your decisions. Unique combinations available in battle including melee, distance and stealth.

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Meet real historical characters from medieval Bohemia. Kingdoms and Castles Build your town and keep it happy and maybe the dragon won't attack The main objective of Kingdoms and Castles is to build your city and survive Viking raiders or the occasional dragon.

You start with a small hamlet and have nearly limitless ways to build your kingdom and castle. Strategy required — Keep in mind Viking raiders are not the only threat; plague and unhappy townsfolk can destroy your kingdom just as easily. Your town is a living beast of its own; you can set up stone quarries for building supplies, send wood cutters to collect wood, and farm the land to provide food for your people.

Kingdom: Classic Classic side-scrolling game Kingdom Classic is a 2D side-scrolling strategy game that puts you, a monarch, astride a horse that can only travel left or right across your kingdom.

The idea is to spend your coin wisely to buy resources and peasant loyalty that will help your kingdom flourish and help you survive attacks on your kingdom during the night. Mysterious forests are also accessible and hold artifacts to aid your kingdom.

Very little initial guidance adds to the fun of figuring the game out No direct interaction with the world means strategy is key when spending coin Must rely on your resources to protect you — makes exploring beyond your walls dangerous… and exciting!

Your enemy is a swarm of rats bearing a devastating disease that has ravaged the Kingdom of France. You play Amicia, a 15 year old girl on the run with her little brother, Hugo.

To survive you must join forces with other children, create fire and light to keep the swarms at bay, and work together to combat one of the darkest hours of history. Depth to the storyline makes caring for the characters easy and even heart-wrenching.

Use stealth to sneak around rat hordes or the inquisition. Delve into a unique storyline with a grim twist on the already gritty history of the Black Plague.

Stronghold HD misson-based strategy game Stronghold HD includes 21 missions to test your skills against four renegade lords set in medieval England. To complete the missions and overthrow the traitorous lords you must gather resources, build weapons, and design a castle with a working economy that will buffer your strategy for victory.

Some missions come with a time limit that must be adhered to, such as tasking players to gather resources and build weapons. See the whole playing field with the capability to zoom out and play in real-time. Take on all 21 unique missions that give you direction to complete the game.

Two single player campaigns available or up to 8 players online. Battle Brothers Lead your mercenaries to victory! Battle Brothers puts you front and center in a band of mercenaries.

You get to decide where to go, what contracts are worth fighting for, whom to hire to fight with and how to train and equip your men. To succeed you must travel the world map and take contracts that earn you coin, find enemies worth pursuing and places worth looting.

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Manage a medieval mercenary company in an open world Characters come with their own unique background story — want a witch hunter? Drunken disowned noble? You got it! Each weapon grants a unique skill — form a spear wall, split shields with axes, and stun enemies with maces.

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Crusader Kings II Live through the ages as you try to keep your family's legacy alive Crusader Kings II is all about keeping your dynasty alive and thriving. You choose a Christian lord for your character anywhere between the year and Keep in mind the historical accuracies of the year you choose to start, as some lords will face more difficult tasks depending on when you start.

This game takes place over centuries as you play a succession of descendants through the ages.

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You must keep your feudal domain from falling apart by unravelling the plots of your vassals, fighting heathens and heretics and defending against the Mongol Horde.

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