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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 3:35:52 PM

The offer is available until August 26 and the pass lasts for 10 months. So if you sign up now, it'll expire on 29 May once the football season has finished. There are Premier League games in total - each of the 20 teams plays 38 games - but not all are broadcast to the public. The 3pm kick-offs, for example, are never broadcast.

Sky vs BT vs Now TV: the cheapest ways to watch the Premier League

Sky Sports Live

Page 2 You no longer have to commit to an annual contract in order to watch premium pay TV. For the first time you can watch the broadcaster's top tier channels without tethering yourself to a dish.

But just how do the two services compare, and what can you expect if you opt for IP TV rather than have your telly served up on a dish? This auto renews, but you can bail at any time.

BT finally gets all of Sky Sports and Now TV for Sky Atlantic a

This allows you to watch all six Sky Sports channels live for 24 hours. An event-driven purchase, it's a no-fuss way to catch specific games and special events.

As a contract-in Pay service, the Sky proposition is fundamentally different and a good deal more complicated. Buyers can opt for specific packages or the whole enchilada which incidentally will cost you a whole lot more than a whole lot of enchiladas.

  • Choose your Sky Sports Pass and start watching instantly
  • Sky and BT agree to share their top TV channels

In total you get you over 35 premium channels and all the usual free-to-air stuff, including 11 HD services. The additional content is undoubtedly worth the uplift, particularly if you're an HD snob.

Now TV vs Sky TV: which is best for you?

Sports and movie packages are incremental to the TV entertainment pack. This results in slating — a practice wherein you see only an apology slate instead of a programme.

A Guide to Now TV Prices, Passes and Packages

The general rule of thumb seems to be that if it's a popular US show you actually want to watch, it'll be slated. Conversly On Demand offers a goodly selection of Sky's home made shows alongside some strong imports.

Now TV offers and deals: How you can watch the latest box sets

It should be noted that episodes are only available for a few of weeks, which makes the selection look a little random. There's a limited selection of boxsets, however these change routinely and may only be available for a few weeks before vanishing.

Now TV Movies is a churning service, albeit one with a large repository of movies available — Now TV cites currently on demand. You also get a curated selection of new-ish titles, up to 16 a month.

These arrive in line with its satellite-delivered sibling. By way of comparison, Sky TV's content choice is immense. From its sprawling entertainment channels, though to premium movie and sports content, the satcaster seemingly has something for everyone.

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