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Thursday, October 24, 2019 6:41:33 AM

He is currently deputy director of Informe Robinson, an internationally recognized program with 10 years on the air. Ondas award.

Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism

Sports Journalism Jobs, Employment in Louisiana

Have you spotted a typo? Thank you for your help! To be used only for spelling or punctuation mistakes. The Extreme Sports Club, an HSE student association, has been organizing trips, expeditions and sporting competitions for over 17 years.

For the first time, the club is launching a completely different type of activity, giving you and members of the general public the opportunity to get involved in sports journalism and communications around high performance sports.

The development of sports journalism and broadcasting techniques works to promote sport across the board.

So you want to be a Sports Journalist

They will study real cases. It is bound to help them establish their career path. Leading sportscasters, journalists, and photo reporters will participate in the master classes and workshops which will examine issues at the intersection of journalism and sports management, including the role of media in sporting event sponsorship, the mechanisms of media and competition funding, and the legal aspects and systems of payment of sports broadcasting rights.

Students will even get to try their hand at sports events coverage, including video coverage.

Master's Degree in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting

Speakers include renowned journalist and documentary-maker, Igor Voevodin, extreme sports photographer and leader of professional teams in snowboarding, surfing, and motorcycle sports, Kirill Umrikhin, as well as journalists from R-Sport agency and TV channel, Match.

Registration is available here. The first meeting is scheduled for January Information on the other club events is available on its VK page in Russian and on the website.

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