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Sunday, December 15, 2019 8:26:38 PM

The age of the elite manager is well and truly upon us. Whereas the spotlight used to be on the greats on the field, the modern game is just as fascinated with those stalking the touchline.

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Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you to a mobile game that I've been playing for many years now. Some of you might have hear of it since it bacame very popular lately.

Why Nordeus Top Eleven is better than Sports Interactive Football Manager mobile?

The game can also be played on Facebook and it allows players to play against their friends. Begin your journey as a soccer manager today and rise to the very top.

Name your club and build it from the ground up. In Top Eleven , you have the opportunity to control every aspect of your club, from training sessions, transfers, squad selection, formations and tactical set-ups, club finances and jersey designs. In this free multiplayer game, you can join forces and compete against friends in real-time or test and improve your skills while playing against other managers from around the globe.

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Choose official jerseys and emblems from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, the legendary Champions League and many more soccer leagues from around the world. I pointed most important aspects of the game but the best way to experience it is to download the app and start playing.

You can play it in browser as well, which I mentioned earlier. If you are planning on downloading the game please continue reading on.

Below I'll give you some basic tips for beginners. I was once in your place and I know it's a bit though to start so I'll give you some hints on how to improve your game. At first you will be given a decent ammount of resources.

Top Eleven Football Manager Top Up

Most people just spend them quick and get left with no tokens and cash. Lack of these can give you a hard time as you get in higher leagues.

Make sure you don't spend them all in a first season. It's enough to buy good players and win the league since most of the poeple are not playing. As a result you will be left with plenty of tokens and cash for next season. Repeat this untill you reach level 4. At that popint you will need o bring more good players.

Keep in mind to spend reasonable in that case too. With this in mind we will go to the next tip. Just before that I want to remind you not to try to hack the game.

Game top eleven football manager for android download

There are various websites offering hack for tokens and cash but none of them work. Great article has been published on medium.

That said, let's get back to the second tip. This is in my opinion main thing to do if you want to rank good i a long time.

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager

Make sure to always buy young players! They advance quick and can play on a high level for seasons. They do cost a lot but if you followed my first tip you should have enough resources to buy them. I don't say you shouldn't buy older players, as a matter of fact you must buy them to keep your balance, just choose wisely.

You should join associations, preferrably with your friends.

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It's a good source of income that you can later reinvest in your team. In the end I'd like to note that Top Eleven is translated into 31 different languages! I hope that you will become part of the managing squad!

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