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Frank Mir Signs Contract with Bellator MMA, Says He’s Getting Paid More Than He Did in UFC

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Share 21 shares 'Right now, I'm the best I've ever been, it's actually pretty impressive,' he said. I'm very sound with my nutrition, I'm very diligent with the doctors that I go to see and my conditioning focuses on the aerobic aspect of the sport.

The American has stopped his first two opponents in the UFC, albeit it with a two-year gap inbetween.

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship Mir insists he is insists he is in the best form of his life after snapping a four-fight losing streak this year 'This is the best camp I've ever had,' added Mir.

We broke down Todd's style, I have different game plans set up and basically whatever he tries to do, I'll be able to negate with one of those game plans.

In the locker room he has a lot of nervous energy.

  • On Friday, a heavyweight battle between former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and the always-tough Roy Nelson , while Saturday's show will see the long-awaited championship rematch between Rory MacDonald and Douglas Lima in the Finals of the Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix with one million dollars on the line. Tickets for both events are available early through an exclusive Bellator Nation pre-sale beginning Wednesday, August 28 at 10 a.
  • They have travelled all the way to Brisbane, Australia this weekend where two heavyweight veterans will collide.
  • But perhaps no one involved in the sport has ever been more in the limelight than UFC President Dana White , who has created a reputation for himself as being not only one of the most honest, but also one of the most foul-mouthed businesspeople on the planet. Throughout his tenure, White has gone through some serious wars despite the fact that he has never climbed inside the Octagon.
  • If you can master choke holds, takedowns, round kicks and the rest, there's a ton of money to be made. MMA warriors who display winning talent in the cage are rewarded with big fight purses, endorsement deals and other money-making opportunities.
  • Tweet Who are the richest MMA fighters in the world? These numbers have come straight from Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth.

He channels that in the fight and fights with a lot of emotion. There's a lot of tension sitting in that dressing room when you're the last guy who gets called out to fight.


That's a lot of anxiety that I've dealt with over twenty times for UFC. I'll meet him with my power, explosion and speed and he'll realize it isn't going to be an easy night for him. He's going to look for the opportunity to give me a submission so he can go home early.

  • Gracie operated a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school in Torrance, California and the Gracie family had a long history of vale tudo matches - a precursor of modern mixed martial arts - in Brazil.
  • Scores This, my good readers, is a review of UFC ; a landmark event in this sporting organisation's sixteen year history.
  • Hardy on Saturday, March 27 Hardy on Saturday, March 27 at p.
  • I have a huge support and strong following.
  • Background[ edit ] Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada , Mir began training and competing in American Kenpo at a school owned by his parents, earning his black belt as a teenager.

There is no question. He's held the title twice, he's had some spectacular wins and I think he's the same guy he always was.

Everybody knows I'm an exciting fighter, everybody wants to see me fights. Usually, you can't spend two years away from the sport and still have guys talk about you.

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