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Sunday, December 15, 2019 2:16:05 AM

Get March Madness Live channel on Roku Best ways to watch all of March Madness While you complete your streaming setup, get yourself ready for all this basketball with "One Shining Moment", the annual tradition that mixes the best highlights from each year's March Madness with the official theme song of the event. Here is last year's edition. One of the best ways to watch March Madness starts with an antenna to get the 24 CBS games for free over the air. Game times are subject to change. Winners are in bold.

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The team field is set.

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It's officially time for March Madness. While technically the first game is on Tuesday, we all know the real action begins later in the week.

This Thursday and Friday are arguably the two biggest days of the year in sports and likely the two least-productive days at your job. Both of those games will air on truTV, but if you have a cable log-in, you can stream them through the March Madness Live app.

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You can also stream on both desktop and mobile web. The Fast Break feature in March Madness Live While the app is pretty much available everywhere you'd want to stream, it does require a TV log-in to unlock full access.

Turner, the broadcaster with rights to the tournament, says you can watch all games during a three-hour free preview period on iOS, Android and the web. That's nice, but it will only get you so far.

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This means that if you don't have a cable log-in but you do have an antenna or access to local channels, you'll still be able to watch a few games on CBS.

You can also watch those games in the app for free. It's a fraction of the full slate and you'll likely miss some of the teams you want to see, but it's better than nothing.

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If you're aching to watch the whole shebang and don't have TV credentials, consider a live TV-streaming service. This will only get you through a chunk of the action unless you pay up, but it will give you access to the full slate rather than just what you can get on CBS.

You could supplement with the app to get those games, but it means not having everything in one spot.

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Basically, if you don't already have a TV log-in, be prepared to pay up if you want to stream more than a portion of the March Madness action.

If you do have the necessary credentials, the March Madness Live app is the best place to stream, thanks to a number of handy features.

For one, the Fast Break tool will give you a broader look at the action from one spot. This includes coverage of "all the biggest moments," live look-ins at the key matchups, instant highlights and real-time commentary and analysis.

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Basically, Fast Break is for the superfan and should help make sure you're not waiting for SportsCenter to catch the biggest plays of the tournament.

There, you can watch up to four games at once with MultiView. The March Madness Live app on some other streaming devices offers a Game Switcher that allows you to keep track of three game scores while you watch another. And as the name suggests, you can swap quickly among them.

Turner has been keen on VR for March Madness for a few years now , and is no different. The Final Four and National Championship will also feature Intel True View with degree replays and highlights during a live broadcast.

It did say that more info on virtual reality is coming this week. Finish up your brackets and prepare for them to get busted. Hey, at least now you know how to stream all the action for the next few weeks.

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