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Tuesday, December 17, 2019 2:48:42 AM

By Stephanie Convery Updated November 13, Ronda Rousey is living, breathing, fighting evidence against the still-prevailing idea of women's inherent physical inferiority. But she's also quick to distinguish herself from "other" women, writes Stephanie Convery.

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Ronda Rousey has never been more important than she is right now, after losing her first UFC fight in Melbourne, Australia, last weekend.

Good golly, the fights. Watching her in the octagon has, for me, always been window onto another world—one in which a singular champion possesses such skill and focus that no one else could even begin to match her. Indeed, on fight nights Rousey seems to become a different person altogether.

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Gone is the charming and glamorous young woman we see in late-night television interviews. In her place stands a scowling, apex predator.

  • I was working 14 hours a day at a job that paid very little. It was monotonous, endless days spent mostly sitting around.
  • The knockout was just brutal, and a stark contrast to the photos of Rousey in Vogue or her promotional pics for The Expendables 3.
  • Across the eight, minute episodes, "Why We Fight" follows a talented and troubled young fighter, Zac "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman, on his pilgrimage across the globe. Struggling with his own demons, he encounters fellow warriors who have their own issues and reasons for stepping into the ring.
  • The headlining bout on that pay-per-view card featured two unbeaten women. She faced the Holly Holm.
  • She laughs.
  • Holly Holm kicks Ronda Rousey in the head, resulting in a knockout victory. Many M.

Though her bouts have been brief, they have consistently been master classes in technical skill and brute force. That changed when she stepped into the octagon with Holly Holm in Melbourne. And maybe even fear.

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I was instantly connected to her, not only as an athlete, but for the first time as a human. By the end of that brutal first round I knew that this would be the end of the fairy tale. The rest was a blur of devastating punches, splattered blood and, eventually, the kick that would end it all.

But not in the way you might think.

Now she has the chance to be a whole new kind of hero. No longer an unstoppable, alien force in a class of her own, Rousey can become something far more important: a truly human champion with whom we all can identify.

One with vulnerabilities like ours, who will have to work to overcome a public setback on her way back to dominance. Her most important victory is still to come.

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