Xfinity Sports Package Channel Lineup

Monday, December 16, 2019 12:15:51 PM

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XFINITY Instant TV Review

For the average household, the slight price decrease and increased options offered by DISH would make them the winner.

BeIN Sports Off Comcast in Dispute Over Fees

It will allow you to record and watch up to six programs at once. If this show is a staple in your household, that might count for a lot. It can also record up to 16 shows at once so you never have to worry about recording conflicts making family life tense.

However, you will need an internet connected Amazon Home device to operate it, such as the Amazon Echo.


Like with the X1, the Hopper has built in apps like Pandora and Netflix. Is the Hopper 3 or the X1 Better? TV is no longer relegated to our living rooms. DISH Anywhere gives you the ability to download recordings onto a device so that you can watch on the go without a connection.

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DISH also offers another option for getting TV on the go with their Hopper Go, which essentially acts like a pocket-sized DVR system that you can use to transport your DVR programming anywhere with you to watch your recordings without internet access.

You can load hours of programming onto that bad boy and use it to watch on up to five devices at a time. Who Has the Best App?

The obvious app winner is DISH. Who Has Happier Customers?

Viewers angered after Comcast exiles Turner Classic Movies to sports package

JD Power The JD Power report that we discussed in the Location section of this report has a lot to tell us when it comes to customer satisfaction, regardless of regional differences though you may want to keep your particular region in the forefront of your mind while shopping around for services.

DISH only fell short of a top Overall Satisfaction rating in one region, while Xfinity received two average ratings and two below average ratings.

Clearly, based on this survey DISH customers are happier. After all our research with these two companies, our experiences definitely back up the finding that customer service is better with DISH, as well.

The great perks and lower rates may be worth the slightly lower quality of service.

List of Xfinity channels (North Charleston, South Carolina)

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