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Friday, September 13, 2019 6:37:35 AM

Financial terms of the contract, which will run throughwere not disclosed. More than conference-controlled games will air annually on the networks, and more than 1, events will be telecast throughout the duration of the contract. At least 1, American events will be featured on the platform beginning in and in each subsequent year of the contract. A similar number of Thursday and Friday contests.

AAC, ESPN agree to new TV deal

That kind of money will help pay a lot of training table meals, facility upgrades and other necessities. Then consider that the new contract will virtually triple the amount of money AAC schools are receiving for their media rights under the current deal.

  • Tulsa East Carolina Big time markets and a stable, on-the-rise conference including the only team in the country to go undefeated in FBS last season, UCF , should help the league gather more money on this next TV deal.
  • The extension begins with the academic year following the final year of the agreement between ESPN and the conference that began in The overall number of events will ramp up to the following season and then more than 1, events annually beginning with the season.
  • UNLV Mountain West future on line as TV talks take place The conference, which wants to balance control of start times for its athletic events and exposure, is in talks with several providers.
  • The new deal puts more than 1, events per season exclusively on ESPN-plus, the network's new digital subscription service, including about 30 football games and men's basketball games. It's an innovative digital platform that you want to be on.

Other sports will be available on ESPN-plus, a subscription digital service, with more than 1, AAC events scheduled to be broadcast by the third year of the deal.

That could end up paying even greater dividends in the areas of recruiting, fundraising and brand recognition. More money coming in means more money to hire and keep better assistant coaches in football and perhaps, even an indoor practice facility.

dos Coogs on the AAC TV/Streaming Deal

It means a greater recruiting budget for Joe Dooley and his staff to go out and surround All-AAC freshman basketball star Jayden Gardner with more talent. It also means stability for a conference whose success leaves it vulnerable to poaching by other leagues — especially the Big 12, which has long been rumored to be eying AAC members Cincinnati, Memphis and Houston.

  • He has a lot of them.
  • Further information: — NCAA conference realignment and —13 Big East Conference realignment The conference was reorganized following the tumultuous period of realignment that hobbled the Big East between and
  • June 24, at pm Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. We might be experiencing a mini round of conference realignment in the near future.
  • The deal will begin during the academic year and is slated to run through The league's teams did not sign a grant of rights with the new deal, per SBJ.
  • ESPN has been the Conference's principal media rights holder for football, men's and women's basketball and Olympic sports since the league's reconstitution in

It has yet to be announced whether the new contract will require member schools to sign a grant of rights, a document that makes it all but impossible for anyone to leave for the length of the contract.

Big-time college athletics has turned into an arms race centered around super sized coaching contracts, modern facilities and high-tech marketing campaigns.

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