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The channel will serve as the most in-depth audio platform covering the Conference, providing programming for fans across the country that delivers Pacfocused news, an extensive schedule of live Pac games, and exclusive original talk programming including live call-in shows. With the season in swing, the Pac will look to lead the nation again in NCAA titles for what would be the 17th time in the last 18 years. SiriusXM creates and offers commercial-free music; premier sports talk and live events; comedy; news; exclusive talk and entertainment, and a wide-range of Latin music, sports and talk programming. SiriusXM is available in vehicles from every major car company and on smartphones and other connected devices as well as online at siriusxm.

SiriusXM Music Pack

I pay a little extra for XM Traffic and Weather, which feed in info that the GPS uses for navigation calculations, such as routing around road closures and traffic jams. I mainly got the XM because I ride a lot in areas that don't have terrestrial radio reception -- places like the wilds of central Nevada, northern British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska.

Even with a big library of MP3's, I'd rather listen to curated music on a commercial-free XM station. Data and Coverage As I understand it, a significant number of people use satellite radio in areas where there isn't great radio coverage.

I expect that these areas don't have great cellular coverage, so streaming on your phone probably isn't an option.

Listeners will also hear weekly college coaches shows, press conferences, classic game broadcasts, coverage of future Big Ten Media Days, as well as curated, Big Ten-specific highlights. SiriusXM offers an unparalleled lineup of college sports programming.

However, again, I think that's not even an option for truckers, ex-urbs, rural dwellers, or professional drivers. Specialized Hardware Leaving that aside, Sirius XM has nice hardware that lets you find what you're looking for and browse without distraction.

SiriusXM and Big 12 to Launch 24/7 Channel

I probably use my phone to power my car stereo more than anyone I know, and I'm still hugely frustrated by the fact that it's a phone. Sometimes you pick it up to fast-forward through a track, and you have a notification about some social media activity.

Or a new email. Or a sports score. I am skeptical of people that refuse to text in the car, but claim to be perfectly capable of finding the perfect iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or Songza playlist for the moment, given the UX limitations in those mobile apps.

On a piece of car equipment, you'll find a power button, a keypad to enter a channel number, and buttons to channel-up or channel-down. Largely distraction-free. Content It's been a while since I sold the car that had Sirius XM in it, but in , there were content exclusives that had no phone equivalents.

Their kids station is fantastic, and almost worth the entire cost if you have kids I don't think Pandora or Songza come close. Their news station selection is probably unrivaled, as they simulcast a number of cable news channels, again in a way that I don't think they've distributed to phones.

One of their "indie" stations reached out to five MP3 bloggers and gave them hour-long weekly shows over lunch. And while a lot of the sports leagues are catching up to MLB's app, having all that content together is a really big part of their offering.

And all this leaves aside silly "anchors" like Howard Stern, Oprah, and Martha Stewart, who mean a lot to dedicated audiences, but who don't factor into the average person's decision to buy or not buy. The service's price has escalated quite a bit in that time I wish I had pulled the trigger on the lifetime membership years ago , which caused me to alter my plan last year to only include talk radio.

Stars Sirius Xm Radio

Of that, I actually only listen to two or three public radio stations. It's about 10 bucks a month to do so, but given my location out West, the ability to pull down public radio regardless of my location is a tonic. Perhaps some day when cell towers become more prevalent I will be able to get public radio programming through my phone, but for now, satellite is the way to go for me.

The content was mostly the same as what you get on FM radio in any town, though some specialty stations underground, indie, reggae, metal, etc were a nice change.

The reception was terrible, at least in my town.

Ole Miss Baseball Radio Network

Every time I drove next to a building or near trees, the signal would cut out completely. There are lots of trees here, so I would often get frustrated and switch back to FM. I love the different genres of music that are available at the flick of the dial, the comedy channels, all of the different news options I could go on and on.

The phone app is not enough to replace having the radio in my car.

Can I listen to Major League Baseball games online?

I know phones can do it but with the new bandwidth caps that are being imposed on Verizon users, streaming isn't optimal. Plus most radio streams on the net don't include sports. Over time, I've found some of the channels to get repetitious, however, putting it at 1 and hitting SCAN has exposed me to a lot more "current" music.

I initially purchased it instead of selling the car -- it was a way to make my car experience new again, and I'm glad I did.

How to Listen to the World Series on Radio or by Streaming

I am also aware of just how close and overlapping many of the stations are coffee house, loft, etc.? I've had a long 60mile commute for the past year and it's been a good supplement to the various other sources of audio media commercial U.

I have a great car with access to all of this, as well as a great 8. SDRS is a significant part of my strategies to survive the drive.

It doesn't to me and, despite being a very early proponent of SDRS, I refuse to purchase the internet capability.

Available on the internet channels and for 4 hours on the Bridge channel Linked with Peter Cummings Classical music interviews once a month I don't use it with my mobile phone nor do I use the Internet streaming option.

I only use it in my truck. I prefer it over terrestrial radio because I can listen to the same stations no matter where I travel in the US and Canada and there are no commercials at least on the stations I listen to.

We have a unit made for a car, but put it on the boat. We enjoy having the reception throughout the US East Coast when we cruised there, and also in the Eastern Caribbean islands. We are retired and live our lives as nomadics now. Great classical music programming, comes in super clear and is available everywhere.

The local classical station is always running a pledge drive, comes in crackly everywhere, and has annoying DJs. No contest! I had poor reception in my car until I had the antenna mounting by a dealer that knew what they were doing. Only occasionally does it go out for a moment.

The SiriusXM app on my Android phone comes in handy in a pinch, but I have an unlimited data plan that was grandfathered in.

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