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Thursday, December 12, 2019 5:39:30 PM

The game is based on the quest of a boy to find Santa's lost gifts. Your objective is to get to the end of every level and find all the gifts that are hidden across various levels in this exciting game. The fun part about the game is that its visuals are pixilated, which will surely remind you about the good old classic video games. Gifts Stacker Gifts Stacker is an online adventure game. Your objective in this game is to stack as many gifts as you can.

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Every season fun new baseball games are released to capture the fun of major league games as well as backyard plays of our youth. Our top selection of the best online baseball games here at Silvergames.

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Make your stickman swing the bat to hit the ball and get to first, second or third base every inning. You only get three strikes before you've lost our free baseball games.

Add the Numbers Add the Numbers Gather numbers and keep growing them.

All our awesome and addicting online baseball games are easy enough for kids to play. Hit the ball out of the backyard and into another stadium for a perfect home run. Steal a base or surprise the other team with a simple bunt to score points.

In every inning, the pitcher will throw a fastball, curveball or even slowpitch for you hit hard. Keep the ball infield and out of the other team's mitts.

Talkin' Baseball

Players like Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson have become legends in their field, and each baseball season new players are being compared to those greats of yesteryear. But instead of simply reading about our best new baseball games, why not play one?

Play Smash and Blast Baseball, a Free Skill Game On avantage-ta.com

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