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Saturday, January 18, 2020 12:04:48 PM

Earlier on Tuesday the AFC announced it would live-stream free matches featuring Saudi clubs in the region's premier club competition, the Champions League. BeIN hold the rights to air competition matches. The latest flashpoint comes amid a long-running row between the two countries over sports broadcasting, which has seen Qatar accuse Saudi of facilitating "industrial-scale" piracy of its programmes through a channel called "beoutQ", a claim Riyadh denies.

Piracy operations in Saudi Arabia universally condemned

Global Condemnation Since , a coalition of leading sporting organizations, broadcasters and governments from around the world have united to universally condemn piracy operations in Saudi Arabia, calling for decisive action to be taken to stamp out beoutQ and for Arabsat to stop distributing the illegal broadcast channel.

As previously communicated, we have been frustrated in our attempts to pursue a formal copyright claim against beoutQ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, while we have received reports that beoutQ transmissions are currently disrupted, we nevertheless call on Arabsat and all other satellite providers to stop and going forward agree to refrain from providing a platform for piracy, which harms not just legitimate licensees, fans and players but also the sports that it abuses.

Cutting off its access to transmission services would be a major step in the fight to stop beoutQ. We all, individually and collectively, remain committed to bringing an end to international sports piracy.

The full MarkMonitor report can be found here. Since May , we have collectively been working with an international legal counsel to monitor and compile evidence against beoutQ, whose broadcasts are regularly and on an industrial scale made available on an illegal basis.

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Following thorough analysis by technical experts of how beoutQ operates from a technical perspective, we are satisfied that beoutQ is operating specifically to target customers in KSA and is utilising the facilities of at least one KSA-based entity.

Over the past 15 months, we spoke to nine law firms in KSA, each of which either simply refused to act on our behalf or initially accepted the instruction, only later to recuse themselves.

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As copyright holders we have reached the conclusion, regrettably, that it is now not possible to retain legal counsel in KSA which is willing or able to act on our behalf in filing a copyright complaint against beoutQ.

We feel we have now exhausted all reasonable options for pursuing a formal copyright claim in KSA and see no alternative but to pursue beoutQ and a solution to this very serious problem of piracy by other means. We are committed, collectively and individually, to working with all relevant authorities to combat the beoutQ piracy.

The activities of beoutQ are a clear and flagrant breach of our intellectual property rights. Money raised from the sale of TV rights helps us to support the participants, as well as to develop and grow the sports of which we are guardians from the grassroots up.

Piracy kills that investment. FIFA takes infringements of its intellectual property very seriously and is exploring all options to stop the infringement of its rights, including in relation to action against legitimate organisations that are seen to support such illegal activities.

Accordingly, FIFA has engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interest. FIFA urges the authorities of Saudi Arabia and of the different countries where these illegal activities have been observed to support us in the fight against piracy.

The AFC has already instructed counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interest.

The AFC will continue to support its commercial and broadcast partners by protecting their contractual rights. Original Article on the-afc. UEFA considers that illegal piracy of live football, particularly on the scale of that being carried out by beoutQ poses a significant threat to European football.

The protection of our Intellectual Property is key to UEFA and we will take the necessary steps to address the issue in order to enforce and protect the rights granted to beIN Sports, including through engaging with relevant satellite carriers in the region.

LaLiga extends US TV rights with beIN SPORTS through

In this regard, CAF strongly condemns the practice of the audiovisual piracy of sport events, a real scourge for our industry.

Original Article on sportbusiness. In addition, the LFP is examining all legal options, recourse and remedies that are at its disposal. Pirate broadcasts, such as those routinely taking place in Saudi Arabia, attack directly at the economic heart of the sport and we have to unite in our struggle against this practice.

We have already taken legal action, we will start shortly to make a strong campaign towards our government and other governments in order to bring an end to the beoutQ phenomenon.

Like other sports and content providers, our model is predicated on the ability to market, sell and protect commercial rights.

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TV production, distribution and media rights acquisition It is broadcasted in territories to million homes as well as TV audience of approximately 4.
LaLiga Keeping U.S. Media Rights With beIN Sports Through In particular, several media reports have suggested that the media rights for AFC competitions currently held by beIN Sports have been cancelled in Saudi Arabia.

The broadcasters and licensees who acquire these rights legitimately, like beIN Media Group, make our competition available to fans across the world, and their investment underpins our ability to support Premier League clubs in continuously working to make the competition as compelling as possible.

The League has already appointed legal counsel in Saudi Arabia to begin the process of bringing action against the parties involved in this piracy. As the legitimate Premier League rights holder across the Middle East and North Africa, we will continue to work with beIN Media Group to bring this highly organised and sophisticated illegal broadcast piracy to an end.

All 20 Premier League matches played during the first two weekends of the season were broadcast illegally on the channel. The Premier League takes piracy in all its forms extremely seriously and is committed to working with its broadcast partners and regulatory authorities in territories all around the world to stop the non-authorised exploitation of its content.

As such, the Premier League has appointed legal counsel in Saudi Arabia to begin the process of bringing legal action against the parties involved in this piracy. Given the strong copyright framework in Saudi Arabia, the Premier League is confident that the Saudi Arabian authorities will ultimately uphold its clear rights when the action is commenced.

This is just one of the measures we are taking to address this very serious issue. Like all content creators and rights owners, our business model is predicated on the ability to market and sell protected rights and we will take all available action to support the investment made in the League by our legitimate broadcast partners.

Over the past year, a whole variety of world tennis content has been illegally broadcast across the Middle East and North Africa MENA region by a pirate television channel called beoutQ, which in turn distributes the content on the Riyadh-based satellite provider Arabsat, without any rights whatsoever to do so.

The united voice of condemnation from world tennis joins the chorus of other world sports organisations that have been calling for Arabsat to stop facilitating the mass-scale piracy and for decisive action to be taken to stamp out beoutQ.

It is these leading tennis organisations, extending to all four corners of world tennis, that have come together to denounce beoutQ. Over the past 12 months beoutQ has been brazenly stealing the broadcast feeds of international tennis tournaments and distributing them illegally on a satellite provider called Arabsat.

The premium sports content is then viewable on illegal beoutQ boxsets and online, in many cases for free across MENA. This mass-theft of tennis TV rights has prompted the world tennis organisations to come together to condemn and call for an immediate end to the illegal exploitation of its intellectual property.

Industrial-scale illegal piracy of this nature is of great concern as it risks significantly damaging the value of the commercial broadcast rights that tennis governing bodies and rights holders around the world rely on to fund the sport at a professional and amateur level.

However, tennis is just one sport that is suffering at the hands of the piracy.

BeIN Sports Off Comcast in Dispute Over Fees

Both FIFA and UEFA have issued statements in recent weeks denouncing beoutQ, joined by further condemnation from other sports, major broadcasters and rights holders around the world who have also had broadcast feeds and content stolen. The case of beoutQ is especially troubling due to the unparalleled sophistication and the extensive period of time over which the commercial-scale theft has been allowed to continue.

We strongly oppose audiovisual fraud in all its forms and stand united with beIN in our desire to fight the harmful practices of illegal streaming and copyright infringement.

Qatar's beIN to 'launch' legal action against AFC

We will be providing all our support to beIN and relevant authorities as further attempts are made to stop beoutQ from operating. We work closely with our licensees to protect our content from illegal distribution. We take the copyright infringement by beoutQ extremely seriously, and, alongside the other tennis governing bodies, we offer our support to beIN SPORTS as we look to protect our broadcast rights in the region.

Revenues generated from our broadcast partnerships provide the most important source of funding to support the staging of the Olympic Games, the athletes and the development of sport around the world. The illegal distribution of Olympic content in Saudi Arabia by beoutQ is ultimately cheating the athletes and the global development of sport.

Our understanding is that the unlicensed distribution of sports content via satellite has been facilitated by beoutQ via Riyadh-based provider Arabsat.

We will continue to work with, and seek assurances from, the relevant authorities, Olympic Movement stakeholders, and our broadcast partners around the world, to ensure that individually and collectively we are taking all steps necessary to protect the official broadcast of the Olympic Games from attempts of illegal piracy.

Original Article on bloomberg.

Current channels[ edit ] beIN Sports 1 HD will focus on year-round live football with the Premier League being prominent as well as content from Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs club channels in streaming media. From , this channel also broadcast not only football but other sporting events, such as: Tennis, Motor-racing, Handball, and many more.

We stand firmly against content piracy in any form and we take violations of this nature extremely seriously. We are looking into this issue and we will take the appropriate course of action.

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