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Read more about the game-saving grab here. Boston wins bullpen battle This was not a game for the starters. That left the balance of the game in the hands of the bullpens -- and Boston's prevailed. Joshua James did some good work for the Astros before Bradley Jr. Lance McCullers Jr.

Fenway Park Seating

How many baseball teams are there? How many games do MLB teams play? How does an MLB team win a championship? The top teams qualify for the postseason, which has a bracket structure.

Their rivalry—the closest thing baseball has to a derby—is arguably the most famous in the sport.

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The Yankees are currently sitting in first place in the division, a surprise to a lot of people, particularly as so many of their star players have been injured this season. How does baseball work? Baseball has nine innings. Each inning is broken up into two halves, called the top and the bottom.

The home team in this case, the Boston Red Sox for both games fields in the top of the inning and bats in the bottom.


A baseball field is also called a diamond because of the shape of the infield. Batters start at home plate, then must touch first, second and third bases before coming home again to score a run more on that later.

Generally speaking, if a ball is hit in fair territory called a fair ball it is in play. If it is hit in foul territory foul ball the ball is out of play. Stadiums also have foul poles in the outfield stands to determine whether or not a hit is a home run more on those later : What are the fielding positions?

How many fielders are there? There are nine defenders on the field: Infielders include the first, second and third baseman as well as the shortstop, who is generally positioned somewhere between second and third base. A base is also sometimes called a bag. The pitcher throws the ball off the mound to the catcher, who crouches behind home plate.

Together, they are referred to as the battery. Teams can—and almost always do—use multiple pitchers during a game. What kinds of pitches are there? How fast do they throw? Most pitchers have a few of these in their arsenal and vary them throughout an at-bat.

A ball is anything thrown outside the strike zone. After four balls, a batter can walk to first base. Batters can also take first base if they get hit by a pitch, which can hurt: the average fastball speed for an MLB pitch is over 90 miles per hour.

How does an inning work? A half-inning ends after the defending team gets three outs. Then, the fielders bat and vice versa. How does a team record an out?

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This can be done in a number of ways. Balls and strikes are determined by the umpire. This can be especially confusing to a new viewer! Out on base: If a batter hits a ball into fair territory, he has to run to first base.

What is a force out? When a player is forced to run, all a defending player needs to do is touch the base the runner is aiming for while holding the ball to get him out.

A run is scored when a player has rounded all the bases and touched home plate. What is a home run? A home run is, generally, a ball hit beyond the outfield in fair territory remember that foul pole?

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After a home run, the batter and anyone occupying the bases all get to round the bases and come home. Home runs can an also be called dingers, homers, blasts, bombs, jacks, and a bunch of other fun terms.

What is a grand slam? A grand slam is a home run hit when all the bases are occupied, so a four-run home run. How does a team win? When does a baseball game end? The team with the most runs wins. They keep playing until someone wins, so when they have more runs after both halves of an extra inning are played.

Wait, does that mean…?

MLB London Series: Baseball rules guide for New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

It sure does. There is no time limit to a baseball game. The longest by time? Eight hours and six minutes.

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The count: the number of balls and strikes on a batter in an at-bat, in that order. So a count means the batter has two balls and one strike on him. Designated Hitter: Or the DH.

Red Sox Baseball: The Fenway Faithful

In the National League, pitchers bat. In the American League, they are replaced by a Designated Hitter, a player who does not field. This is an American League game, so there will be a DH on both teams.

A well-executed double or triple play can be one of the most impressive things to see in baseball: ERA stands for Earned Run Average. If caught, the hitter is out and runners return to the bases they were standing on before the ball was hit.

A ball hit on the ground. A batting statistic, so the higher the better, this time!

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