Best Pubs To Watch Football

Friday, August 30, 2019 5:09:04 AM

Woodward out? This is easily accessed by Line 5 of the Metro, at 'Canillejas' station. If you don't have a ticket to the final, the best place to watch it is in your local barrio neighbourhood bar, of which Madrid has plenty of. They are filled with locals, and they are sure to have the final on, though will likely have Spanish commentary. More upscale wine bars are usually TV-free establishments, but with Madrid having more bars per capita than any other place on earth, you will have plenty of choice for your favoured watering hole.


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You can disable cookies at any time within your browser settings. Unfortunate as it is, some pubs are more committed to providing the best possible match day experience than others so we've compiled a list of the best football pubs in the UK and Ireland so that you can find yourself such an establishment on game day.

If you won't just settle for your local boozer and plan to go a little farther afield, why not check out our list and give one of these fine pubs a go?

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Follow the link to see a fully searchable list of bars showing every footy game possible. Read More Football After a list of the best pubs for football these fair shores have to offer?

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Look no further. One this page you'll find a number of sports that go the extra mile for their football loving punters.

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Need to find a new home ahead of Qatar ? The pubs listed here will no doubt be the very best pubs showing World Cup come kick off in the Middle East come

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