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This watch is loaded with features including their Indiglo night-light activation system, which gives you hands-free lighting after a quick hit of a button. It also features a hour countdown timer complete with stop and repeat functions, alarm functionality and a hour chronograph with lap and split times, capable of counting up to 99 laps. The lap memory recall lets you review your workouts, even on the fly. With a wide selection of color combinations, you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality. Unlike some chunkier digital watches, this one is sleek and unassuming.

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Wristband is a little cheap 9. Some of the features include a hour stopwatch, alarm, a 2-time zone setting, and an Indiglo night-light that displays the time even in low-light. The watch has a striking, eye-catching mix of black, silver, and violet, making it a rather attractive watch.

Pros: Attractive design with violet dial Water resistant up to feet year battery lifespan Not suitable for snorkeling 8. If yes, then you need a watch that is made of tough material. The design of the numbers is different from a standard digital watch, and so I struggled to read it.

Pros: Water resistant up to feet year battery lifespan Not the most durable band Screen is hard to read 7. It has a durable wristband that resembles the tread of a tire while the pink dial surrounding the watch face adds a touch of femininity.

What I first noticed about this watch is its face is very striking.

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  • Pebble Time Smartwatch Pebble is one of the well-known names in the Smartwatch market. They have the best fitness tracker in the budget of average users.
  • It would be great if there were some smartwatches that were actually budget friendly. It still does quite a lot, though.
  • Dimensions: 1. Among them, the standard version of the Gear S2 uses a 42mm dial, and the Gear S2 has a version of classic, using a

It has a very modern, stylish design that separates the time, date and other vital information, making it easier to read all the information present on the screen with a quick scan.

This lightweight, a durable watch has a variety of basic functions.

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Its digital display can be set between two different time zones, and it can switch the display between military and standard time. It also features a countdown timer, lap recorder, chronograph, and alarm.

This sports watch weighs just 1. They are known for their quality and expertise in watchmaking, as well as their excellent craftmanship and aesthetics.

This spectacularly beautiful sports watch is available in four different colors: blue, pink, purple and clear. It has a beautiful silver-toned dial and a variety of useful, if standard, features, such as dual time lap time and an alarm clock. It is also able to be used as a stopwatch.

It has a back light with a built-in three-second delay. All in all, this is a very nice, attractive watch. One of the things I liked about this watch was its lap memory. It also has a countdown timer, an alarm clock, an Indiglo watch light and is resistant to up to feet of water.

This is a very solid, capable sports watch, and its lap memory makes it especially valuable to runners and swimmers. It has an easy to read screen that displays both the time and date, and it comes with several basic features, such as a countdown and an alarm.

Its resin strap is both black and durable, and like most other Timex watches it comes with an Indiglo backlight.

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This can be very helpful for athletes who are familiar with the biological complexities of such things. Nevertheless, this is a very nice, functional sports watch with a valuable feature that can be essential for the health and success of a serious athlete.

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The watch is rated for up to feet and comes with a two-year warranty. Pros: Water resistant up to feet Cons: Watch controls can be a little confusing 3. The durable resin wristband is designed to last and is not going to break on you any time soon.

As far as its sports watch features, it has some excellent abilities, such as a lap counter and a 30 lap memory recall.

It also has a hour countdown timer, and hour chronograph, in addition to an Indiglo backlight and the requisite alarms that all watches have.

The watch is made in the USA and is rated for feet. It even has an occasion mode that allows you to store up to 15 different events, perfect for those athletes who have not been blessed with superior memories. Pros: lap counter and 30 lap memory hour chronograph Water resistant up to feet Cons: No instruction manual is included Watch can be confusing to operate 2.

Like the last Ironman, this was a 99 lap counter, but it has much superior memory. It also sports a hour chronograph; the Timex patented Indiglo night light and 2-time zone settings. The watch is waterproof down to feet and comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Now, however, a well-made smartwatch can be as aesthetically pleasing as a mechanical time-piece. A good, well-chosen smartwatch or fitness tracker can make your life easier in a whole number of ways, from tracking your steps to monitoring your heart rate and providing you with instant notifications — all from its convenient location on your wrist.
  • But what you do have here is the ideal opportunity to purchase something maybe a bit experimental, fashion forward or out of your comfort zone, without having to worry about seriously investing. Buying a watch for fun?
  • These opportunities may be hard to find, but they do occur frequently. This same buyer who frequents Goodwill stores has also seen a variety of other luxury watches in the past at stores like these.
  • The right watch will inspire, entertain, guide, and even coach you to become a better runner. How to buy the best running watch for you How much do I need to spend?
  • Offering superior battery life, durability, and improved smart features, the modern digital watch is fast shaping up to be the accessory of the future, rather than a novelty of a bygone era.

While I prefer the rugged design of the previous watch, there is no doubt that this watch, with its silicon strap, is a far superior piece of electronics. All but the most diehard of users will likely be satisfied with this watch. Unless, of course, it happens to break.

Pros: lap counter and 50 lap memory hour chronograph Water resistant up to feet Cons: Not very durable 1. Casio has been making strides to power their watches with solar energy and to attune them to the atomic clock rather than through quartz or electronic means of timekeeping.

This is the result. The resin wristband is very tough and durable, and the watch offers a sleek, modern design that is sure to please. It uses a solar-powered battery that recharges itself in the light of thew sun, making it last effectively forever without using lithium-ion batteries that pollute the environment.

Even without further exposure to light, this watch battery could survive up to nine months. Also, its synchronization with the atomic clock ensures perfect time-keeping all the time.

This watch features a fully automatic EL backlight with afterglow, world time in addition to local time, four daily alarms with a fifth snooze alarm, an hourly time signal. This watch is a little expensive, and it lacks a few features that sports enthusiasts might want, but it is an amazing watch for water sports, and it can go deep enough even for scuba diving.

Highly recommended. Pros: Tied to the atomic clock Water resistant up to feet Cons: No lap counter or lap memory Conclusion There are a lot of excellent watches here to choose from.

Whether you just want something cute like the LWAV, are looking for a tried-and-true dependable beast of burden like the Timex T5K or want to spend a little bit more to embrace the latest in technology with the Casio Atomic Solar Watch, there is a sport watch out there to fit every budget and lifestyle.

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