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Saturday, December 21, 2019 6:25:44 PM

You definitely notice how tall he is, but he carries himself gently. Get him a good barber, though, and a No. He even sounds somewhat like the taller Splash Brother. Maybe Anta can hook him up next time he decides to attend a game in Oakland and prank the fans.

I was measured a few times and some I can remember being measurements that were taken in the early AM as we had 6 am practice. Anyone can lie and make up a claim. It doesn't mean they have to measure it to claim it. A 5'10" person doesn't have to measure out of bed with shoes to claim 6'0".

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They may just simply lie up. Ss for Drew Breese idk how much cleets add in height, but i dont think more than 2 cm's. He looked a good inch or so taller than Drew Brees with probably a slight footwear disadvantage.

Don't think he's quite 6'2 though, and his 6'3 claim is laughable. He was same height as 6ft Drew Breese on his photo on instagram. He looks tall because of his slim skinny body, his hf Nora is about cm, considering she is lebanese and middle eastern girls are pretty short on avg.

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Im cm and look way taller in my photos. Could you add him to the page Rob? Now since athletes measure in morning and in Daws case by basketball team he was measured in shoes.

So probably ,5 in shoes in morning. I dont see him more than in morning barefoot. I don't even follow him on any social media.

I am a fan of his on YouTube and always looked about 6'3 to me, even though he gave a feeling of as high as 6'4 to me often. My guess was spot on!!!! Probably like a 6'3. Maybe even 6'2"5. But it was clear he was not 6'5. I personally think he's but it's semantics.

I watch his videos and he looks 5'7" at most. Outside of that picture above he doeslook tall tho like 6'3" ish but for sure not 6'5 or 6'4 Christian Only way he can reach near 6'5" is if he was measured in the morning with sneaks, because I don't see him anything above 6'3" barefoot.

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His friend claimed 5'8 angrypicnic and lets say hes 5'7. He only lied about a half inch while a guy way taller lied 2 inches. Editor Rob: he said he was 6ft 4 too, so in sneakers I'd say it was fair - that was his basketball height too, 6ft 4. Also what's with thinking I only respect 6'6 and over dudes that's such an odd statement considering most of my comments are on people below 6'6.

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My brother is he's not tall but I respect him way more then anyone in the world. Don't try to act like you know me accusing me of b. You're the pot calling the kettle black.

The way you admitted you "initiated" this argument with me and the way you admitted you do it with Arthur as well? You on the on the other hand do everything you accuse me of where is your logic? I said below that he can look 6'3" in other photos or videos you simply said he doesn't look very tall with the girls below.

And when you say I spend more time, It appears you post before I do immediately and presumably overnight so obviously you spend just as much than I do lol. Honestly just feels like your arguing about nothing at this point. If you feel he's an honest 6'3 then give me some examples instead of just making disparaging comments.

To conclude this pointless argument I act cordial with other people cause I feel they deserve respect,I've seen plenty of comments of yours just completely berating people I recall once you told someone he must take loads in his back from the celebrity, just because you didn't agree with him Idk I don't argue with Christian and SJH because their respectful and provide examples of why they think a celebrity is a certain height.

Looks like I'm not the only one who needs to grow as a person. It's the pot calling the kettle black. You love that saying the Pot calling the kettle black. Yes at least Christian and SJH have brains. They don't start stuff with someone for no reason.

Yep I sure did make that comment to that person but because he started an argument with me. I guess it shows you either look down on people shorter or just like taller guys.

Neither Christian nor I said that.

And no that is not true about agreeing with people. I have had disagreements like the one with you and gone on to agree with and work well with other posters.

I obviously didn't say that all athletes are measured in the morning. Like I've mentioned Carmel Anthony I've met and he looked his listed height barefoot.

And what i mentioned in a previous post a couple days ago you are doing it again. You're now "fishing" for something to insult me about and are making stuff up being the hypocrite again.

And of course the persecution card as well. You seem like the petulant child here.

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