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Why do we love Kmart so much?

Table Tennis Ping Pong Clamp Net Post Set Blue

But all I found was damaged goods. The table top was made of fibreboard and every item on display was faulty.

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  • Teams[ edit ] Beer pong is usually played with two teams of two to four players each. Each team begins the game by standing at either end of the table behind their rack of cups.
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Target, Big W, Aldi and even Freedom are also contributing to growing piles of stuff dumped outside Australian homes, even if they are shifting way less loot than Kmart these days. We got a replacement, but in the meantime the original table was presumably thrown onto a truck and taken to one of the many landfill sites across the state.

I got that trendy coffee table for a song because a bunch of people in a poorer country all pitched in.

I read that in Greater Sydney alone, a weight the equivalent of 3. The infamous 2 in 1 cordless stick vacuum from Kmart. Furniture made overseas in engineered wood and veneer is never going to be repaired.

Best EVER Toy Spectacular by Belmont Forum

It is now much cheaper to replace than repair. A brand new vacuum? But the planet is the ultimate loser.

Action Undercover Table Tennis Table

Planned obsolescence has played a major part in the success of capitalism: the fast turnover of goods powers growth and creates jobs. Industry has made stuff cheap and available to nearly anyone in developed countries.

And boy do we go through a lot of stuff — we work longer hours just to buy more of it. But is it realistic to think the average consumer could afford or would be willing to pay more for locally made furniture in quality materials?

Kmart Australia's new homewares collection. Australian start-ups trying to educate consumers to buy more sustainably for the home include Handkrafted and Makers Lane , online marketplaces for small-batch and bespoke designs by local makers.

And on top of assured quality is the promise of ongoing maintenance by the makers themselves.

Big W Toy Sale: Total Toy Domination

No more limited warranties. The dining table? Decluttering is a start, but better than that is to invest time or money into repairing what we can.

When even some high-end brands have fallen prey to cost-cutting, one of the few surviving definitions of luxury is rarity — and the rarest commodity of this age is time.

The time it took Myles to make my table, the time it might take you to reupholster a favourite old armchair rather than buy a dirt-cheap replacement.

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