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Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

And he ought to know. Having traveled to Pamplona nine times for the annual festival of San Fermin, a nine-day celebration that features the infamous running of the bulls in addition to a bullfight every night of the festa, Hemingway had become an aficionado of the art.

He also witnessed bullfights in other cities across Spain, but for him, Pamplona was ground zero. He immortalized his passion for the experience in Death in the Afternoon , his encyclopedic paean to bullfighting that chronicles its history, ceremony and traditions.

I have been to only two bullfights in my life. My first was when I was a year old student visiting Madrid. Like most of the jovenes who lacked funds, I sat up in the nosebleed section, where the party was lively but the action was so distant the bull and matador looked like toy figures.

In a month of traveling through Spain and Basque country, with each new town and city I visited, Hemingway seemed to be there.

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  • Along with Catholicism and the Spanish language , the conquistadores brought to the New World the age-old Iberian custom of playing with the bull and evading its charges. Spain has always been the center of the bullfighting world, but parts of Latin America have an extensive and passionate bullfighting history.
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So it seemed apropos and inevitable that my accidental shadowing of him should culminate here, sitting in the same bullring he once sat in, the year of the 85th anniversary of the publication of Death in the Afternoon.

Advertisement This second bullfight would prove a very different experience from my first.

No longer one of the jovenes alas , I had an excellent seat, sombra in the shade , and four rows back from the action. I had traded, along with my youth, too far away for too, too close. The bullfight enacts the human drama each of us participates in.

The bull enters the ring running.

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The first impression the spectator gets is what a gorgeous beast he is. There are six bulls killed in the course of a bullfight, each one chosen for his strength, agility, intelligence and temperament.

What is clear is that no matador wants to fight a placid bull.

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Each enters the ring young, beautiful, magnificent, at the height of his powers, and at the end of the minute bullfight, each leaves the ring dead, his bloodied body drawn across the dusty ring and out the main gate by a team of horses.

This is the tragedy whereof Hemingway speaks. As with any tragedy, it is hard to watch. We feel compassion for the bull—in part because we understand that the bull is us.

We all enter the arena of life unspeakably beautiful, and none of us gets out alive. Bullfighting is not a sport—it is a tragedy.

It is also a form of wish fulfillment. As the bull is enacting his drama, so is the matador. It is chilling, thrilling, terrifying to watch a thousand pounds of muscled animal run full bore at the slim, impeccably dressed man who stands before him defending himself with nothing but a cloth cape.

It is an absurdity.

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The bull is death on four legs. Who among us would not take refuge in running as hundreds of people did earlier in the day at the running of the bulls? But the matador stands his ground. He taunts death. He prods death, poking him with banderillas. And he dances with death, arching and turning his body, making the most graceful of arabesques, his cape accentuating the arc of his movements, while the big, dumb beast that is death tries to catch him, to trip him up, to run him through with his terrible horns.

This time it is not the bull that is us, it is the matador, doing what we all seek to do—evade our inevitable mortality.

Bullfighting is wish fulfillment because, unless something goes terribly wrong, the matador wins. It is a graceful, artful, consummately dangerous endeavor—as apt a description of life as of a bullfight.

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Only in the end, life wins. Death is brought to its knees, dispatched and dragged out of the ring. The matador lives to fight another day.

Bullfighting is alien to our sensibilities. It is, undoubtedly, cruel to the animal. It is a dreadful thing to behold a team of picadors, banderilleros and matadors conspiring to goad a fellow creature to anger and then kill him for purposes of entertainment. Sitting in the stands, watching the ritual unfold, we become complicit in the killing.

We have come of our own free will to witness it. Our euros pay the salaries of the bullfighters and provide the fodder for the bulls. How can a person of conscience participate in such a brutal endeavor?

Animal activists across Spain have been trying to ban the practice for years, and sitting in the stands four rows back in sombra, one can see why.

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I could have wept for the suffering creature. And yet, I watched. Watched with a level of attention I have rarely experienced. It was undeniably terrible. And it was strangely, savagely, beautiful. Bullfighting aficionados oppose the claims of cruelty. They will tell you that the fighting bull lives wild in the forest for five years, eating and breeding, and dies after fighting for 20 minutes in the ring.

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His meat cow cousins live a scant 18 months in close captivity and meet their death in a slaughterhouse, standing in line, watching and smelling their fellows die helpless before them. There is nothing powerful or graceful about their deaths.

They are never feared or revered. Their lives are not sacrificed, bull by bull. They die nameless and en masse.

Puppets and Cities: Articulating Identities in Southeast Asia

This I know because it has been told to me. I have never witnessed animals dying in a slaughterhouse, and I pray I never will.

Yet I am complicit in this, too.

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