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Thursday, December 19, 2019 4:47:42 AM

Larger text size Very large text size Triple M's Ashes cricket commentator Isa Guha says she doesn't see herself as a trailblazer for female broadcasters despite being one of the few women to feature in television commentary of men's Test cricket. Isa Guha right celebrates a wicket in a Ashes Test Credit:Andy Zakeli Speaking to Fairfax Media, Guha made it clear she did not want to criticise the Nine Network's controversial all-male commentary team announced on Friday, saying she has the utmost respect for the Nine commentators. Guha said she believed more women would call men's Test matches in the future and hoped for a day when female cricket commentators wouldn't generate news stories.

James Brayshaw quits Nine's Summer Of Cricket

The cricketing community was generally more receptive to Channel 10's coverage of the BBL, as can be seen with our rankings here. Channel 9's issue was the lack of diversity that sat in their commentary box.

Ashes Channel Nine reveals commentary team for summer of cricket

At Sporting News, we have ranked them from worst to best. We haven't held back. Slide on to see the list.

But Healsinvariably gets lost in the banter, and whenhe attempts to shy away from wicket-keeping analysis which is fantastic he seems out of his depth.

Whenever there is a medical issue that needs explaining, somehow Healy gets called upon to explain it.

Cricket commentary will no longer be a job reserved for the boys

Maybe the team should look elsewhere. Former PMBob Hawke was greeted with a massive round of applause on day two when he smashed a schooner. But when Turnbull's head popped up on screen, it seemed most of Australia reached for the mute button. In KP's autobiography, he labeled Swann and the other English bowlers as bullies, to which the former 'offie replied calling him the same thing.

List of cricket commentators

There was no sparks in the box however. But he is stuck in the past. Quite often, a simple forward defense has been played, to which Chappellireplies, "That shot reminds me of my tour to England where Fans love to hate him , but his passion for the game is infectious.

BT Sport announce all

Due to his incredibly successful career, fans care about his opinions and take his analysis on-board. His commentary has followed suit , but it looks like he is here to stay. However youfeel about Clarke, like Warney, his captaincy was very well regarded, and he brings some brilliant ideas into the commentary box with him.

He spent a session with Channel 9, but also went to help Triple M during their coverage. See the result below: 7 Mark Taylor Tubby is another one who generally gets lost in banter, usually at the behest of Warney.

Nine shredded over ‘sausage fest’

He has a close relationship with most of the team because he has almost captained the lot of them. However, more people enjoy his salesmanship for Fujitsu rather than his commentary. Nicholas manages to hold himself together quite well all things considering. Maybe he can leave the technical analysis to the former professionals though.

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His technical analysis for batting is second to none, but he too falls into the trap of telling Test stories from 20 years ago.

Needs to work on his animal descriptions also.

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