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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 9:28:21 PM

Come to this page throughout the night for scores and stats from the area's high school football games. He also ran it 18 times for 52 yards. Jamarcus Carroll ran it 14 times for 50 yards and a touchdown and also caught two passes for 36 yards and a touchdown.

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Ringgold travels to Dalton for this north Georgia tilt. Ringgold won in triple overtime at Dalton Tonight, we hear from the coaches of each program.

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NewsChannel 9 is concentrating not on football strategy, but on how each team is shaping their young men. The Catamounts and Tigers are in different regions, but oh does this game matter. Both towns will be into it.

Dalton coach Matt Land said, "And that's what makes it so great is it matters. To lose to a team and it not matter or to win a game and it not matter that's such an empty feeling when you works as hard as these guys do.

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They know who their players are, but are still evaluating where they will best fit on the field. When the lights come on Friday night, the teams will battle.

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But Land said football is much bigger than just the games. We're building daddies, we're building husbands. We're building mayors and doctors. That's what we're building here. That's the complete Catamount. Coach Robert Akins said this season is about finishing stronger and abiding by a stronger culture.

Akins noted, "We've always done the talk, but we've not walked the walk.

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This year we're trying to be, to be more proactive and pushing kids to be leaders and to be disciplined and to be committed. Coach Akins has a lot of seniors and it's time for them to lead.

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Akins said, "I'm ready for those guys to step up and say, 'This is what we're going to do,' and really eliminate a lot of mistakes we made last year and really go out there and have fun and play hard and that's all we ask of them. Pre-game is at , kickoff is at

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