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Sunday, September 22, 2019 4:47:21 PM

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I then have to use my experience of the previous game to vary my line and length and keep the score down. I win, but it goes to the wire. The AI is a touch savvier… hopefully Ahead of the company's fifth cricket game, Big Ant has been keen to press home its determination to make AI players mimic real sportsmen.

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For instance, after I clip the first three balls of an over to the leg side to notch some easy runs, the AI bowls two deliveries outside the off stump, then throws in a yorker — seemingly its cunning response to me unearthing a sweet spot. The flipside is its apparent inability to recognise the number of overs in the match.

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Even limited to 30 balls per team, it takes singles off the first two balls of its innings rather than immediately swinging for the fences. If not concerning, it is at least a touch curious, particularly when I overhaul its meagre score inside four overs.

Licensing shortfalls are easily overcome The match I play between England and Australia looks the part, with accurate kits and recognisable faces — albeit not to the same level of detail as those found in EA or 2K titles.

Flashing wickets when a player is bowled or stumped raises a smile, too. Yet a deeper concern from a visual standpoint is the issue of unlicensed teams — i. You can start the game at any point in the match then set a condition [such as] England needing runs to win in a day.

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Then off you go. There are 13 different conditions to choose [from], based on famous scenarios from the history of the game. You can replay history for a whole match, or play a small part of the game that might only last 10 minutes — like [having to] get a wicket in the last over.

Moving us one step closer to the glorious era of… console croquet. Hey, a man can dream.

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