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Sunday, January 19, 2020 12:47:13 AM

Share Tweet Stamford, Conn. The XFL TV schedule allows for consistent appointment viewing each week with back-to-back games starting Saturday afternoons at 2 pm ET as well as two additional games on Sunday afternoons. We believe in their vision for the XFL, which will be a great addition to our year-round commitment to football. Additional XFL-themed programming and on-air talent will be announced in the future.

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Now the first part of that article is not that exciting. Yet the second part is something to talk and write about. To be able to see Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool and all the other stars of the league play, would be a great tool to elevate the game to the masses in the US.

It would be the first time ESPN has added a solely international league to its regular schedule. That alone is a great reason to sign the contract.

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ESPN is not. Let me first make this statement. Imagine, waking up Saturday morning. Sitting in your chair or favorite spot on the couch. Eating breakfast, showered or not. It would be fantastic to see match-ups of the some of the best clubs in the world.

It would be pure soccer bliss. Until college football comes on and then what happens on Sunday? NFL preview shows. They start early and run until kick-off. We would miss out on matches. Now, maybe the EPL would rework the schedule to have less appealing games on Sunday and then not be televised.

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But, I watch those games for a reason. To see those unfamiliar faces, to see those players who will be bought by the big boys in the next transfer window and then play on Saturday. The EPL season is very long and could find more time filling the holes between football, basketball, and baseball.

But that is not good enough. ESPN is spread out in so many directions that you will never get the coverage you do with FSC, at least not in its current situation. At any moment you can have any sport on any network. There will be converge, but not like that of FCS. Knowing the Game. I have watched two very recent broadcast of Sportscenter and every time a soccer player was mentioned, the name was said wrong.

Two of the biggest names in all of soccer, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, were pronounced wrong.


Even my wife, who knows very little of soccer, laughed. What will happen during the highlights of Arsenal versus Chelsea?

UEFA Euro TV Schedule on ESPN and ESPN2

They will use their experts in the beginning to cover the ignorance factor, but the whole network has to show it is as much about soccer as any other sport. What will happen to FSC? But what does FSC do to fill the void? Maybe they will get some of the games not including the "Big Four" maybe now five?

Typically on a weekend you can see four to five EPL matches, plus another three to four from Serie A in Italy, and then a couple from either Spain or Argentina.

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But the majority of non-match programming is about the English; Sky Sports broadcasts, match day preview and review shows, English fan broadcasts, and various other shows. So much of their programming is based on the fans interest of players in the EPL and every aspect of those clubs.

What then happens when you take those matches away? But adding other top-tier soccer by way of the German League Bundesliga and French League Ligue1 could help bring new viewers and maybe, just maybe, retain some of the soccer die-hards. While my interest in following soccer has been rather a new venture, I do have great respect for what FSC has been able to do in bringing soccer of every sort to the masses.

They know the game, the history, the rivalries, and most importantly they understand the importance of soccer in other countries. ESPN has to show that it cares enough to be able to meet the needs of us soccer folk who wake-up Saturday to catch the early game and then watch Fox Football Fone-In to get the latest news and rumors.

ESPN has to learn to understand the energy, excitement, and passion of a game that has long been seen as a lesser sport to American football.

As much as American football is culture in the US, soccer is even more so everywhere else in the world. Do well by the fans and the sport we love. I would love to hear other opinions on the issue.

Here is my highlights of managers and coaches that have been given time to win;.

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