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Vishal Sharma 3 months ago Everyone has a fear of something, but when it comes to the greatest fear, then it is nothing compared to most extreme sports. In this article, we will discuss the major extreme sports and popular Extreme Sports YouTube Channels that keep the adrenaline flow alive. But it is not true. These people are not risking their life, instead, they are boosting their inner strength by pushing their limits. It all starts when these guys get bored after they master a sport and then start exploring exceptional thrills to reach the peak of adventure.

Extreme Sports Channel

Films — Animation In An Extremely Goofy Movie , for some reason Max and his friends are all suddenly obsessed with winning the X-Games tournament see the Kim Possible example below , and the central plot of the film is them competing in every sport involved.

Advertisement: Films — Live-Action Point Break and its remake : The excuse is that the surfers are robbing banks to fund their activity, and an FBI agent goes undercover to infiltrate the group.

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Although not the first, it is probably the most imitated example regarding films in this genre. The Remake is even crazier, with Big Bad Bodie's justification going from "just" surfing to a jamboree of extreme stunts around the world that, if completed, are supposed to let the sports artist achieve a kind of spiritual Nirvana, not to mention that the heists now involve insane stunts such as Halo jumping.

The Fast and the Furious : The Fast and the Furious : The excuse is that the street racers are hijacking shipment trucks to fund their activity, and a cop goes undercover to infiltrate the group. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift : The excuse is that a street-racing teenager sent to his US Navy dad stationed in Japan wrecks a yakuza drifter's car, and he must work as his errand boy until he pays his car.

From that point onwards things go so off the rails in Serial Escalation that the series essentially becomes G. Joe with a car chase gimmick. Drop Zone : The excuse is that some people want to break into the DEA office to find out all their undercover agents.

Surf Ninjas : How is surfing supposed to help you stop evil?

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When you use it to invade the island where the stronghold of a despotic dictator is located. Remember, bend your knees and use your arms! The Skydivers by Coleman Francis , which managed to suck out any sort of joy or excitement one might find in the activity.

Was featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater It takes a somewhat darker turn about a third of the way through. Yamakasi — The Movie , starring Yamakasi, the parkour group.

Action Sports World takes you to the most exciting locations, adventures and events including freeskiing, mountain biking, climbing and a host of other energetic sport disciplines.

A small boy gets hurt trying to imitate them and needs very expensive surgery which his family is too poor to afford. So the Yamakasi decide to apologize to the family by robbing some very rich people and paying for the surgery.

Although that is at least still some sort of plot, in the sequel Les Fils Du Vent the group literally just runs or parkours into criminals.

The entire plot is a contrivance to set up the parachute-snowboard-snowmobile-grenade scene. And the third film X Xx Return Of Xander Cage has Xander recruited for another mission and him deciding to ditch the CIA suit-and-tie gang that they tried to give him to recruit his own Ragtag Bunch of Misfits team that, you guessed it, are all also master extreme sportsmen on top of whatever else they are good at.

In the Jackie Chan film New Police Story , the baddies are extreme sports enthusiasts and an action set piece takes place at a X-Games meeting. Blue Crush may have a plot, but there are so many surf scenes, shots of Hawaii , and gratuitous beach scenes that it is completely obfuscated.

Extreme Days has the four main characters surf, drive, ride, and board their way across the country, in the name of freedom the summer before beginning their college careers. Banlieue 13 is designed to showcase the parkour skills of its protagonists, one of whom is actually the founder of the sport.

Extreme Ops was an example that came out just as Joe Public was getting really good and sick of the "X-Treme" craze of the early 00s.

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It bombed both critically and financially as a result. Blood Surf is a monster movie about a bunch of Surfer Dudes who film themselves attracting sharks and surfing nearby for kicks.

This would make them Too Dumb to Live by itself, but the sharks aren't actually the problem: there's also a much more vicious, giant crocodile stalking them. Every Warren Miller ski documentary there are over 50 of them is this. They all have some nominal hook that claims to explore some concept in skiing, but films are a series of short vignettes following different skiiers, followed by a lot of amazing shots of people skiing which are the real reason people watch the movies.

Live-Action TV Power Rangers Ninja Storm had some of this vibe, as all the Rangers save Cam were extreme athletes in their off hours: Shane's a skateboarder, Tori's a surfer, and the others are motocross bikers.

These hobbies rarely if ever crossed into their fights with the evil space ninjas, though. My Name Is Earl has an episode where Earl is still in his coma, and the hospital convinces Randy to start caring for him at home instead of keeping him there, or moving him to long-term care.

The boy now a man competes in a game called "Killerball," which is like a cross between basketball and dodgeball, in wheelchairs. So does the girl's now a woman ex-boyfriend. Earl despite being totally unaware gets caught in the middle of a conflict between the ex-boyfriend and the brother.

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He wakes up from the coma in the middle of the game, after scoring a winning goal. Of course, parasailing plays a vital role in him saving the day at the end of the episode.

Pinballs This trope is the whole purpose for Williams Electronics ' No Fear: Dangerous Sports Rollergames gives off the same vibe, being a game about body-slamming roller derby. Technically, however, it was based on a short-lived "sports entertainment" television show from The '80s.

Video Games Skateboarding has been outlawed in Skate 2, and the plot goes from there. Tony Hawk's Underground had a fairly decent plot involving getting sponsored by a major skateboarding company, and proving yourself as a star, before events made you realize that it was never about the money, and you end the game learning to do it for fun, rather than for money.

The sequel then just had you skating around the world, causing destruction, as you're part of a team of pros competing in a "World Destruction Tour" American Wasteland's plot concerns the revival of a run-down skate park.


To do this, you smash up and steal various items from within LA, and keep your distance from the law. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. The girls are tricked into going to an island for a fake tournament even though two of them should know for a fact that there isn't one.

One of them even falls for it twice. Despite some of them being bitter or even deadly rivals kind of the reason they batter each other in Dead or Alive , they all put this aside, play volleyball and buy each other swimsuits. Mirror's Edge. Action Man has one of the more insane and awesome of these, involving Cold War Super Soldier experiments, radical Trans-Humanism and Bullet Time powered by super-advanced math.

The similarly-themed although rather different past the premise Max Steel starts as this, but drops it for a season and a half when Josh McGrath, for whom 'Max Steel' is an alias, quits sports because he can't turn off his powers and doesn't enjoy competition with the unfair advantage.

Extreme Sports

He later learns to overcome this and the trope shows up played straight in a couple of episodes, but he's completely switched careers. In the season three Retool , Josh is no longer a secret agent and goes back to competing, so it shows up a few more times.

Rocket Power was pretty much filled to the brim with them, including one episode that featured Tony Hawk. Real Life The historical basis for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race — isolated town's children imperiled by diphtheria, weather conditions prevent shipment of antitoxin by sea or air, heroic teams of mushers and animals race the clock to deliver the lifesaving medicine — used the Extreme Endurance Sport Excuse Plot for social change.

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