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Friday, January 24, 2020 2:33:28 AM

As the global Logistics Partner of Formula 1, DHL manages the complex shipping of up to 2, tons of freight to the racetracks including cars, replacement parts, marketing and hospitality equipment. In doing so, DHL provides a multi-modal transport solution, using land, sea and air freight, depending on the race calendar requirements. In collaboration with Formula 1, DHL aims to create spectacular moments that deliver both on off the track. In this new era of the greatest racing spectacle on the planet, DHL is also pioneering new grounds with F1 as the first official partner of the F1 ESports Series.

NEC is Premium ICT Partner of SportPesa Racing Point F1™ Team : Advertising

In the world of F1, where everything is measured in tenths, watches have long played an integral part.

In fact, it may come as no surprise to anyone that Formula One teams and watch manufacturers often follow the same racelines, each striving for their own breed of ultimate performance mechanical machine.

Thanks to a case crafted from titanium and carbon injected with graphene, this is the lightest split seconds chronograph ever made — weighing less than 40 grams.

  • Pinterest Maintaining a Formula One team is expensive business, and a huge chunk of resources is kept aside for the teams by their respective boards. In other words, every team has a certain amount of money in their budget to play with.
  • Rolex has enjoyed heavy trackside advertising at F1 races as a result of the partnership, as well as being the title sponsor for several events, including the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in
  • These teams are responsible for their own promotion, developing their vehicles, organizing drivers and obtaining sponsorships.
  • Cybersecurity meets science. Find out more Akrotiri on Santorini Proudly supporting the preservation of the Akrotiri Bronze Age settlement on Santorini that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
  • HAAS Haas have revealed a radically-revised black and gold livery for the new season, revealing their car in full on the first morning of pre-season testing. The dramatic colour change for the American-owned team comes on the back of a title sponsorship deal with Rich Energy.
  • With about four terabytes of data per car per race, and additional terabytes from practice and qualifying, teams spend significant time on data analysis. Teams have their factory operations all over the world, usually where the team is based, like Ferrari in Maranello, Italy, and Mercedes in Stuttgart, Germany.

A literal racing machine for your wrist, and cheaper than buying an F1 car … if maybe only just. Oris Williams 40th Anniversary Oris Limited Edition Oris have been producing watches for the Williams F1 team since , making it one of the longest-running partnerships in Formula One, and certainly the longest for a watch brand.

This one is a little different though. In a sport where fast cars and big personalities are fuelled by massive amounts of money, what better pick than the watch named after a race track, and then crafted from the noblest of metals, platinum.

Which F1 team comes first on the podium for sponsorship deals?

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