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The move comes after months of attacks by the Taliban on the district, which was held by British and then US troops before being returned to Afghan military control after the end of formal combat operations in Read More Deep-seated problems Shamsullah Sahrahi, a resident of the district, said that the problems that Sangin's population face have been present since the exit of US troops. People have lost their homes. Key location The town is in the heartland of Taliban territory and a key opium poppy-producing region, and a major route for the Taliban opium trade. As spring begins, poppy production in the province is once again rising.

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Share on LinkedIn opens new window Hackers will now find it even harder to steal customer information from companies after Microsoft rolled out new security features in its UK data centres. The technology firm announced that Azure SQL Threat Detection will send users an alert when their website is being attacked and suggest how to deal with the threat.

The feature, one of several Microsoft unveiled in its UK data centres on Wednesday, tackles SQL Injection attacks , which are some of the most common and dangerous known to online security experts. Hackers can use them to break into a website and steal or delete sensitive company and customer data.

The email will provide information on the nature of the hack, the name of the database, server and application affected, and the time of the event.

Afghan troops withdraw from key area in Taliban fight

In addition, the email will recommend actions to take to investigate and mitigate threats. The alert was triggered as a result of unusual access from a new network to our production database for testing purposes.

Knowing that we have the power of Microsoft behind us that automatically brings to light anomalies such as these gives Archroma incredible peace of mind, and thus allows us to focus on delivering a better service. Download [1. They can be defended against.

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And even if they get through, their impact can be contained. But far too many of these basic attacks are getting through.

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And they are doing far too much damage. ACS lets developers create and run programs in isolation from the rest of his or her computer, using open source tools.

With Azure Stream Analytics , users can study data from devices, websites, apps, social media and more. This allows users to detect and respond to issues quickly, as well as back up their files and automate certain tasks.

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Developers can use Logic Apps to visually choose which business tasks he or she wants to program to perform automatically. It will also increase its performance if the workload rises, without any input from the user.

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  • History[ edit ] Original logo as "The Fight Network", used in various forms until The channel was originally conceived in Canada, when it was granted approval from the Canadian telecommunications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC on January 30,

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that Azure Backup and Site Recovery were now available from multiple cloud regions in the UK, offering companies and organisations reliable, secure and cost-competitive ways to protect important information.

For companies who want to move large amounts of data to the cloud, Microsoft will now pick up your hard drive , take it to their data centre and upload the contents to its high-speed, secure internal network. This is often faster, cheaper and more secure for organisations than moving data via an internet connection.

Microsoft can pick up your hard drive, take it to their data centre and upload the contents to the cloud Microsoft opened its UK data centres in September last year.

Since then, thousands of customers, including the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police, parts of the NHS and Centrica, have signed up to take advantage of the sites.

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