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It seems that security had problems in the end. It happens that the River Plate was very close. To avoid any incident, it was decided to stop the vehicles that transferred the Xeneizes to the La Bombonera Stadium.

He is international with Argentina and in the Albiceleste fight the position of titular goalkeeper with Esteban Andrada, of Boca Juniors.


He was a correct defender but in recent months he also began to stand out for his appearances in the offensive. He is firm and strong in the brand and has good aerial play. In October , Conmebol sanctioned him with seven months of suspension for testing positive for a doping control.

It is a great header and has good positioning. Play to the limit and sometimes abuse the rough game. It is one of the referents and captains of the team.

Thanks to his fitness and speed he often appears as a midfielder or even as a striker on the left wing. It usually joins the attack with criteria and effectiveness.

It even positions itself well for fishing defensive rebounds.

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He played as a right-hand drive, as an offensive midfielder and is now primarily responsible for recovering the ball in the midfield. Intimidated with its powerful mid-distance shot and assists with precision.

He is technical, intelligent and a skilled assistant. It has the virtue of excelling in the most important matches and against the most complicated rivals.

He scored a goal in the first leg. Take advantage of its speed to overflow, both left and right. It arrived in mid and its level has gone from lowest to highest. Waste sacrifice, assist and convert.

He established himself in the team after Lucas Pratto's injury and won the position thanks to his goals.

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He scored in the first leg. That versatility makes it unpredictable for defenses.

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It does not usually show off, but its contribution is vital for the offensive operation of the team. It is one of the team's high points and usually stands out in most games. The attack rarely happens but it is effective and firm in the brand.

He has many goals turned head and his teammates usually look for him in corner kicks and free throws. He is a good header, both in attack and defense. He has experience and usually sends precise centers. He is a player with a strong vocation of attack, fast, and with goal appetite. He is a skilled midfielder in recovery who gives short and precise passes.

He is the most delayed midfielder and his main function is to cut rival attacks. You can play as an extreme and as a hitch. He is fast, skilled and has a good footing. He is not a starter and usually enters 20 or 25 minutes of the second half. Over the years he lost speed and power, but still has good footing and judgment.

  • It seems that security had problems in the end.
  • The streaming is quite good, particularly like the 4K coverage of the World Cup fames.
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Rocky when holding the mark or protecting the ball. A luxury pivot who also knows how to score goals. He is not practicing his best football. Under that mystique, the team led by Gustavo Alfaro will seek to turn the against which he registered in the first leg.

There are 90 minutes of much action and emotions left. In the history, River plate has never managed to defeat Boca Juniors as a visitor in a match of the Liberators Cup Most popular today.

In a total of 13 games, there were seven wins of Mouth Most popular today and six draws in this contest. He needs them more than ever and is likely to enter the starting lineup.

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