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Like the Gear Sport smartwatch that Samsung released inthe new Galaxy Active puts fitness features at the forefront with the ability to monitor blood pressure. But unlike its predecessors, it lacks the signature rotating bezel that was a staple of previous Galaxy smartwatches. Samsung inadvertently leaked the watch, bands and earbuds in an update to the company's Galaxy Wearable app the week before the Feb. It has two buttons on the side and a thin aluminum frame that comes in four different metallic finishes: black, silver, rose gold and sea green with swappable rubber bands. It has a slightly smaller footprint than previous Galaxy smartwatches with a 40mm watch face.

Samsung Gear Sport Review: A Fashionable Fitness Smartwatch

We'll tell you straight away, no. Apple is too far ahead in the smartwatch arms race. If you have an iPhone, the best option for you is still an Apple Watch, of course, there are millions of Android users out there looking for an Apple Watch alternative, that's where the Galaxy Watch comes in.

Samsung Pay arrive sur les Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 et Gear Sport

Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung Galaxy Watch news and updates Samsung Galaxy Watch review: price and release date The Samsung Galaxy Watch price will, for long standing fans of the series, come as a pleasant surprise, as it starts cheaper than the Gear S3 did at launch.

‎Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) dans l’App Store

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is available to buy now. In terms of network support and retailers, in the UK EE will be supporting the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and will be the place to purchase the 4G version of the smartwatch. Straight out of the box the first thing that grabs you about the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that, more than ever before, this smartwatch looks like a real watch.

The key is the large circular face, as well as the metal body. If you're looking for something that's more traditional than the Apple Watch, it'll be perfect for you.

Samsung Gear Sport

For us, this creates a slight sense of unease. While the Apple Watch is an iconic design and like nothing that came before it, the Galaxy Watch is simply an inferior imitation of traditional watches. Why is it inferior? Because most of the time, if you value battery life and have the always-on display turned off, the Galaxy Watch display will be a black circle.

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Samsung also can't match Apple when it comes to build quality. The most affordable Apple Watch feels much more expensive than it actually is, and sits so comfortably on the wrist it's almost invisible.

Bundle the Samsung Gear Sport with the Galaxy Buds for an overall $ discount

The Galaxy Watch doesn't feel terrible, but it certainly feels cheaper in comparison. It's more like a piece of technology than a piece of jewelry. Luckily, design is subjective, and while its not to my tastes, you might love it.

If, like me, you're not a fan of the design, the Galaxy Watch has a tonne of redeeming features to win you over. The best of which is how you interact with the watch. In terms of ergonomics and usability, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smartwatch out there.

Samsung Galaxy Watch review

The rotating bezel and two buttons are an excellent way of navigating the UI, cycling through of apps and menus.

The bezel has a satisfying click when its rotated — it's very tactile. The 42mm Galaxy Watch, which has a 1. It's a nice size, and sits well on my 17cm wrists. Meanwhile, the 46mm Galaxy Watch features a larger 1.

Comparatif Samsung Gear Sport contre Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm avantage-ta.com

The larger 46mm version of the Galaxy Watch is also the variant that grants you the much-hyped new battery, with a mAh stack of cells loaded in to it, which is a marked increase from the mAh in the 42mm. I haven't tested this version yet mainly because it's too large for my wrists , but our sister site Techradar claims the battery lift lasts between four and five days.

That's very impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch review: the best smartwatch for Android users?

I've been getting between two and three days with the smaller, 42mm model. This is likely due to the extra grunt needed to maintain a mobile connection. This is compatible with all Android phones that are running Android 5. It's the best thing about the Galaxy Watch, and is the best smartwatch user interface we've ever used.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Unfortuntely, just like previous generations, Tizen is also the watch's biggest downfall, as it has little-to-non-existant third party support, forcing you to use Samsung's built-in apps. Health is a major focus for the Galaxy Watch, and as such Samsung Health is now expanded with new stress management and breathing features, as well as a collection of 21 indoor exercises and 39 tracked workouts.

Here's the full list:.

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