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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 10:55:33 PM

Food and great friends are the other exciting part of the day. On this edition of Irish Game Day - we'll take a look back at Georgia and preview the 18 ranked Virginia Cavaliers.

Behold, Virginia Tech's football team has a robot that does pushups

How to Watch The Virginia Tech Hokies Live Without Cable in

Sensors Translating Research to Reduce Concussion Risk Since , Virginia Tech researchers have been providing unbiased helmet ratings that allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing helmets. The helmet ratings are the culmination of over 10 years of research on head impacts in sports and identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk.

You can help support the helmet ratings here: Donate Now Why rate helmets?

Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech RECAP, SCORE, STATS (10/6/18)

Although all helmets currently being sold satisfy minimum safety requirements specified by standards organizations, not all helmets are created equal.

Two helmets that pass the same standard may offer different levels of impact protection.

Early history Virginia Tech's inaugural football team in The game took place on a plowed off wheat field that was "about as level as a side of Brush Mountain".

Prior to the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, consumers had no way of knowing which helmets were better than others. Given that helmets are a safety product, this information should be available to consumers. What do the helmet ratings mean?

Simply stated, the helmet ratings identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. More stars equate to better protection, with 5 stars representing the best available helmets. We encourage athletes to get out of helmets with low ratings and into 4 and 5 star helmets.

How are ratings determined for helmets?

Duke at Virginia Tech fans tailgate

Through a series of impact tests, helmets are evaluated using 2 fundamental concepts: 1 each test is weighted based on how frequently players experience them and 2 helmets that lower head acceleration reduce concussion risk.

The impact conditions and weightings are sport-specific, and inclusive of the broad range of head impacts that athletes are likely to experience.

These methods have been published as peer-reviewed articles in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Will 5 star helmets prevent me from sustaining concussions?

No helmet is concussion-proof.


Any athlete can sustain a head injury, even with the very best head protection. The helmet ratings identify the helmets that best reduce your chances of sustaining a concussion. With that stated, helmets are only one piece of the equation to minimizing concussion risk.

Rule changes and coaching proper technique can result in fewer high-risk head impacts, and are perhaps most important.

Having the best available head protection for the remaining head impacts further reduces risk. Updates Ratings are now available for youth football helmets. Ratings are now available for popular bike helmets. Ratings for soccer headgear have just been released.

The Irish are making their first trip to Lane Stadium. Miami's defensive line.

Our varsity football helmet ratings have been updated to evaluate linear and rotational acceleration and now includes all current helmet models. Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics.

Football vs Virginia Tech on 9/14/

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