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Sunday, September 1, 2019 10:28:06 PM

I mean we all know that in very mean time this app becomes the popular face of live streaming in India. You all know that Hotstar is one of the most amazing Apps which offers quality and fastest streaming service in India.

How Hotstar streams cricket matches to 10 million passionate fans at once

YES The truth is that while live streaming high-definition video to large audiences can be incredibly challenging, others have risen to the challenge. The IPL is the most-attended cricket league on the planet, and brings together the best players from across the world in a fast-paced format.

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How did Hotstar pull it off? If I recall correctly, we ran into trouble with the stream within the first five minutes.

For Hotstar, the crucible moment in streaming sports came in the very first day of a big sporting event. Thankfully, we were able to get the stream back up within a few minutes. But fundamentally, to make sure that you have a high quality experience, you have to solve for not just the video infrastructure but also the client app and API.

The previous record was at New Zealand beat India by 18 runs to progress to the World Cup final.

And I think that kind of a thoughtful approach is what we have pioneered in hotstar over the last few years.

In sports, you can move from zero to four million streams in less than a second. And that essentially pressure tests the platform at different levels.

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So, your apps have to be able to scale. There are different API points for the apps to access your content, and you have to make sure that all of those API calls can handle the scale that comes with the surge.

I was particularly interested to learn about how those surges of millions of users happen in a matter of seconds. We offer a lock screen widget for that, and that ends up being a trigger to start watching the match at the right point. But, as with most sports, these trigger points such as a wicket falling — the equivalent of a hitter striking out in baseball happen to be common for millions of fans.

That creates the surge.

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Plus, we do a lot of segmented notifications, by understanding the sports viewing patterns of different kinds of fans, and sending specific alerts depending on what is of interest to them. To that end, analyzing viewer behavior helps a lot.

We know the connections between geography and team affinity. We know whether fans respond to wicket falls the equivalent of striking out in baseball , or fours and sixes similar to home runs.

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We know the kind of fans who come in at the back end of a close finish. There are tens of different parameters on which these notifications are built. Its entire approach is to use the algorithm for creating customized notifications.

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Data also helps prepare Hotstar for spikes in traffic, noted Mohan: We look at so much data modeling to build for performance. So in terms of cricket, the number of people who are tuning in for the first ball of the match gives you an indication of the curve of users who will log onto the livestream.

Then, you constantly update your traffic estimates based on what happens. With the final match for the last IPL tournament, our data told us that we were headed towards concurrent viewership exceeding 10 million.

While we maintain a very high degree of availability, we also prepare for the worst by reviewing all the client: server interactions and indicating either gracefully that the servers were experiencing high load or by a variety of panic switches in the infrastructure.

These switches indicate to our client applications that they should ease off momentarily, either exponential back-off or sometimes a custom back-off depending on the interaction so as to build jitter a variation in the delay of received data packets into the system that provides the back-end infrastructure time to heal.

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The team also rebuilt the Hotstar Android app from scratch about five months ahead of the IPL, taking a modular approach as they went, so they could improve functionality for various parts of the software independently.

Ashutosh Agrawal, a senior technology consultant with the firm, explained that this involved not only developing server test plans, but also running them at the same time of day as the matches. That said, a number of Hotstar viewers told TNW that the platform faces occasional issues with sports streams.

We are going to have a game, and a social experience like we did for the IPL.

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