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Frequently Asked Questions by Hockey Parents

Regulation and Overtime in Professional Leagues Hockey is like most professional sports in that the games are controlled by a clock. Only a few sports, like baseball and tennis, are not over until someone actually wins the game.

In baseball, someone should win within nine innings and in tennis, men must win the best of five sets while women must win the best of three. With baseball and tennis, games can continue indefinitely until someone wins.

Men's Ice Hockey

In hockey, regulation games such as those in the NHL are 60 minutes in length and divided into three periods of 20 minutes each. After the first and second periods, players are given 17 minutes to rest and get ready for the next period. Also during the minute intermissions, the ice is cleaned by a Zamboni so that players have a safe surface upon which to continue the game.

With a game like hockey, if the game is tied, then extra time is put on the clock. This is similar to basketball and football. Also, in these professional sports — hockey, basketball, and football, the clock is stopped when the referees blow their whistles.

So, most hockey games actually take much longer than the 60 minutes that are set aside for playing. Stopping the Clock in an NHL Game To keep track of the time, arenas have an official clock and it is set to count down from 20 minutes all the way to 0.

The Length of a Professional Hockey Game

When the officials declare the puck dead, the clock stops. There are only a few instances that stop the clock. They include: When a penalty is given When a player is hurt When the puck leaves the rink When a timeout is called When the goalie does not return the puck to the ice After these stoppages, players have a face off.

Then, the clock starts back up again. Regular-season NHL Overtime Rules If the game is still tied when the minute regulation game is completed, the game then goes into overtime.

Regular season overtime is different than playoff season overtime. During the regular season, overtime is five minutes. The game will then be determined by a three-player shoot-out. Eventually, someone will win, but the shootout could last for a long time.

How Long Does a College Hockey Game Last?

The longest shootout lasted 20 rounds! NHL Playoffs Overtime Rules The time allotment in a playoff game is slightly different than the regular season games, especially during overtime.

Shootouts do not exist in playoff games. Instead, each overtime period is 20 minutes with a minute intermission if a team does not score in the overtime period then a new overtime period is played.

The game is over as soon as a team scores a goal. Even though hockey games are 60 minutes of regulation game play, most games last much longer than 60 minutes. From the drop of the first puck until the game is over, the average game lasts slightly more than two hours.

What happens when the game is televised?

  • Published: 11 December, Although hockey features rules concerning the length of each game, certain things can happen that will extend the game significantly. Overtime, injuries and the fact that the clock stops on every whistle cause games to last much longer than their minute time limits.
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Commercial breaks have rules, too. Commercials are fit into the games, but when there are goals or icing calls, commercial breaks are not allowed. Other League Time Lengths The time in other hockey leagues vary.

Men's Hockey Schedule

For example, USA Hockey clarifies that the maximum length of the game is 60 minutes with three periods that last 20 minutes. They also have intermissions that last 15 minutes.

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  • During the regular season, if a game is tied at the end of regulation time, each team is awarded a point then the teams skate an overtime period no longer than five minutes. If a team scores during the overtime period, the game is over and the scoring team is the winner and awarded an additional point.
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However, if a USA Hockey game needs to be shorter, it can be. They simply cannot exceed 60 minutes. The youngest youth leagues have shorter game times.

The Pee Wee League does all time outs.

Jackson Hole Moose Hockey

Atom The Atom leagues have three minute periods. Novice The Novice division includes two minute periods with a third that lasts 20 minutes. No timeouts are allowed in the Atom or Novice divisions.

History of the National Hockey League on United States television

There are a few unusual rules in youth hockey that do not happen in professional leagues. For example, if there is a mercy-rule game happening, the clock will continue to run without stopping in the third period.

States get to decide how to run their high school games, and many will have three minute periods. The same standards apply for mercy-rule games, with the clock running without stopping.

In Conclusion — Hockey Game length As you can see the length of time it takes to complete a hockey game can include many different factors. However in general, if you are looking at any sort of professional leagues then you can expect around a 2 to 2.

The Game A game consists of three minute periods. If the score is tied after the third period, there is a three-minute sudden death overtime, where the first team to score a goal wins the game.

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