How Much Time Do We Spend Watching Sports

Monday, September 30, 2019 2:33:45 AM

Essay topics: People spending time watching sport programs on TV, or following their favorite team, has negative effect on their lives. First, these people will waste a lot of time. Although, they know the way to help them to relax from working, they will be addicted easily.

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How much do we really gain from the money we spend on sport?

We know that getting together to watch football is a social highlight for Brits John Savage - Walkers UK brand manager According to the data, when it comes to match day rituals, wearing the team colours, always sitting in the same armchair and always having the same drink were among some of the quirky habits men stick to when watching their team on the box.

Drinking from a certain glass and wearing 'lucky' shirts or pants were also revealed to be on the list of match day rituals for the nation's males.

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And according to the poll, it is better to watch with friends than alone - with TWO emerging as the perfect number of friends to have over for the game. GETTY According to the poll, the most popular sport to watch is football Furthermore, a sentimental one in ten men 11 per cent said like nothing better than watching sport with their dad, the poll by Walkers found, who recently launched their first range of sharing bags.

Walkers UK brand manager John Savage, said: "We know that getting together to watch football is a social highlight for Brits. Eight in ten 83 per cent of men said they preferred watching sport in their own homes, with four in ten blokes frequently inviting mates over to watch a big game.

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