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For who? If lucky, the question-asker is satisfied and the conversation ends. This guide will explain, for the uninitiated — be it for players, or fans of basketball — how things work, in a general sense.

They travel throughout Italy, playing road games against those teams. The NBPA, in basic terms, fights for certain minimums for players your own hotel room on road trips, a certain amount of per diem money, a league-wide minimum salary, etc and goes to bat for players when there are player-ownership disputes fines, suspensions, etc.

The NBA is the only basketball league in the world with a players union.

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This means, if you play in any league other than the NBA, you have no one looking out for your rights, save for your agent if you have one. You are on your own. I have seen players sign multi-year deals for millions, and I have seen players who play for no pay.

All of these things can be negotiated in your contract, based on your negotiating position and power to even negotiate in the first place which many overseas players lack. Unless you personally know a person who plays overseas, this is probably the only International basketball you have heard of.

The Euroleague is the best league in the world outside of the NBA. This happens at the domestic and Euroleague level. There Are Good Reasons Why. But there are only jobs in the NBA. What this means: There are many very good basketball players who simply cannot all play in the NBA at the same time.

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The Chicago Bulls notice and want to sign you. So, signing with an overseas team is a season-long decision for players, forgoing an NBA shot that season presumably, since the contract last well int the corresponding NBA season when they sign that deal.

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The G-League does not offer much by way of compensation — their salary range is published online in many places — and houses you college-student style with the rest of the team. The level of play is high; the lifestyle is anything but.

You can go to i.

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You can be called up and sent down between the NBA and G-League the same way baseball teams do their minor league players, with certain restrictions for teams in terms of frequency, player experience, etc.

So, many players have to choose between a year-long commitment to an overseas club, who could offer a better living situation, more money, and long-term stability on and off the court, and the chance of winning that lottery of being called to an NBA club in the G-League.

This is not an easy choice as basketball players are people just like you; we want to live comfortably and have responsibilities — families, kids — outside of simply satisfying our basketball desires.

We have to consider the endgame of basketball, hopefully putting ourselves in a position to continue living comfortably when our careers are done. Thusly, many really good players choose to play out their careers overseas, even when they have NBA teams wanting them to come over for non-guaranteed opportunities.

Approx 85 players that were on rosters in were out off league in Say, you just played a great season in the Euroleague and decide to give the NBA a shot the following season.

The best overseas offers usually are offered in the summer.

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So to take this shot, you are giving up your chance at the best Euro offers that year, which will be long gone by October. But the NBA is your dream, so you go for it.

This is the craps game that overseas players opt out of to have a more steady situation basketball and money-wise abroad. Again remember, athletes are people with lives to live. Everything must be considered.

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Just like you, I roll my eyes when I see a basketball player release a mixtape or upload a freestyle to YouTube.

But I completely understand. You must find something to do. I write blog posts, make videos and read books.

Some chase entertainment in bars, nightclubs and females. Some play video games. Some draw or paint. There is enough time to take a up a serious hobby when playing basketball is your job.

Any questions I have not answered, feel free to leave them in the comments. Any players in-the-know who have some info I left out, let me know about that, too.

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