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In this blog he will explain you the ins and outs of using the Apple Watch during your game as referee. He also uses a timer on the watch, but will focus on measuring activity. Football is my favourite sport and I could never give it up so the fact I get to continue with the sport that I love makes it worth being the match official every weekend. The convenience of the device makes it so quick and easy to use and gain the required data which I need. During the game you can track distance, heart rate and calories burnt.

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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: Referees faced with violence Tragic death — The death of Dutch amateur linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen shocked a nation.

Soccer violence: Referees under siege

Niewenhuizen was beaten to death following a youth match, with six teenagers and a father set to face trial over the killing. Nieuwenhuizen's death prompted a rule change in Dutch soccer, meaning that only team captains can speak with referees -- any other player who does so will be booked.

Hide Caption 1 of 8 Photos: Referees faced with violence New rules — A year previously, AZ Alkmaar players angrily protested when referee Bas Nijhuis sent off the club's goalkeeper after he kicked out at a fan of opposing team Ajax who attacked him during a Dutch Cup match.

How Do Referees Improve?

The year-old thinks the only way clubs and fans will truly change their conduct is if they are hit with heavy fines. Hide Caption 4 of 8 Photos: Referees faced with violence View from the top — Herbert Fandel is a former referee who is now head of the German Football Federation's referee commission.

Soccer world has to adjust to controversial Video Assistant Referee

He admits violence is one of the reasons why the number of officials in Germany is decreasing. Hide Caption 5 of 8 Photos: Referees faced with violence Blue rage — Chelsea players raged at referee Tom Henning Ovrebo after he failed to give what they considered to be multiple penalties during a Champions League semifinal second leg against Barcelona.

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The Norwegian says players and coaches should be educated on the psychological impact abuse has on referees. Hide Caption 6 of 8 Photos: Referees faced with violence Mourinho's ire — Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho named Ovrebo and a number of his colleagues in a list of referees he considered to be sympathetic towards Barcelona.

I only leave one question. Each semifinal always brings the same.

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We're talking about a fantastic football team. So why? Hide Caption 7 of 8 Photos: Referees faced with violence Referees faced with violence — The English Premier League has instigated a "Respect" campaign in a bid to stop match officials being subjected to abuse -- such as this during match between Queens Park Rangers and Stoke in May Hide Caption.

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