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Beginner Objective Watch national award winning Inshallah, football and its sequel Inshallah, Kashmir. These are two rare and controversial films on Kashmir, by Oscar nominated film maker Ashvin Kumar that offer a perspective on the ravages of conflict over the past twenty five years on ordinary people that the government of India doesn't like. Description Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. Bashir Baba, a much-wanted leader of the armed group Hizbul Mujahideen has given up the gun.

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Inshallah Kashmir: movie triggers new controversy

Look at what we eat. Look at our buildings.

Our shrines. Our architecture.

CIFF Inshallah, Football ()

Our speech. Our history Speak to us. See how we live.

Inshallah, football ()

This time he's chosen to bypass the censors. On India's Republic Day - 26 January - he uploaded his film straight to the to the internet. The film was available to everyone for a week or so.

You can still watch a preview.

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Comments posted online about Inshallah Kashmir repeated, again and again, "this is only one side of the story.

There is no such evidence. The critics only mean that people have suffered at the hands of Kashmiri militants, as well as at the hands of the Indian state. That's certainly another story.

Inshallah, Football streaming: where to watch online?

But it isn't the other side to this story. This story - the story of a people subjected to torture and murder by the Indian state - has just one side. The film show a small part of it.

Inshallah Kashmir suggests that torture and murder aren't acceptable instruments of administration. Apparently that's controversial.

Ashvin Kumar, It happens only in India

The film doesn't quite say that Kashmiris are entitled to collectively determine the whole of their future, without pre-conditions.

To say that in India is something more than controversial. She also reminded people of the unmentionable fact that "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. Inshallah Kashmir's a great film. Watch it. And listen to Arundhati Roy speaking in Srinagar, Kashmir , a few days after her controversial Delhi speech.

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