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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 6:35:44 PM

Good 7 Navixsport is a sports application created for following anything that happens in the world of football. The lifestyle application provides users with schedules of football matches, in-depth match reports and daily notifications regarding local and global football matches. Each feature is accessible and can be easily found with its intuitive user interface. The application prompts users to select first the football team to follow. Users can select how frequent will the notification activates or simply turn it off if they find it too annoying.

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In sport, Football is the most popular game than every tournament or matches.

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If you are addicted to watching football, there must a Team in which your spirit is together. According to research papers, Mancherster United has Million of Worldwide Fans and leading the top of Rank sorted by fan base.

The second is Barcelona and having support by Million Fans.

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Real Madrid stands at third with the fans of around Millions. However the top rankings are occupied by different leagues, England Premier League is leading the role of modern Football and their casting programs are overwhelming around the world, rivaless position for this century.

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This website is founded in January and lasts to today, entertaining everyone visiting to us. In , our facebook page had hit followers of 1.

Sport Trending For the coming centuries, Football must be stand at the top of popular sport trend and it also occupied the rivaless position in the past. Everyone having their teams to support and compete with other people with fun or something they arranged.

So, football is not just a game in these days, football becomes hearts and souls of enthusiasts.

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Having more competitions, more celebrations and more imotional explosions on their dream teams. Football is part of our heart, so let's beat together , stranger or familier is not essentail, just take it part dreamers.

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